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Who Gets Nail Fungus?

Who Gets Nail Fungus

Protecting yourself from nail fungus is simpler than many people can care to think about. However, many people who contract it are most likely ignorant and do not know the simple facts of how to get rid of the disease and it therefore, behoves that we all learn the simple facts and fiction about this deadly but silent disease.

For many people who think that nail fungus is simply a matter of poor hygiene give unnecessary socials stigma to those who get the attack of the disease.

The truth of the matter is you cannot simply get nail fungus because you forgot to scrub yourself and neither can you eliminate it by giving yourself a very thorough wash. This myth is usually given fuel by the reason that many skin and nail problems are due to bacterial infections which you can simply eliminate with soap and water. The truth is that soap will not eliminate fungus. To get rid of fungus you need to give your immune system a major boost.

Apart from the possibility of contracting fungus in some very public areas where your feet are exposed such as a public shower, it is good to note you also easily get fungus in some very unlikely areas as well.

Some of these areas can be such as a locker room and school gymnasium where there may also be chances of acquiring it; however, the truth is that the fungus can survive almost anywhere including being lodged in the soil, floating in water or even in the air.

There many other factors other than direct exposure that comes into play because these fungi are not contagious between people. Whenever you are exposed to these fungus particles your immune system will fight them off before they can take hold and appear in your nails. So, that means when nail fungus appears your immune system has fought the battle but may not be as strong as it ought to be.

Research indicates that people whose immune system is compromised because they are fighting other illnesses are more susceptible to nail fungus attacks. Taking care of yourself and eating right to boost your immune system will help you prevent and eliminate fingernail fungus.

Make oranges and other foods containing vitamin C a part of your daily life, and you’ll keep your immune system strong and ready to fight fingernail fungus. When an attack of nail fungus has set in on your system the treatment options are usually limited and very costly, usually taking months before there is an improvement in the condition.

Although, there are many topical crèmes and gels available over the counter that promise to eliminate fingernail fungus, science tells us that attacking nail fungus from the surface, whether with a homemade remedy or with a commercially available product, is almost always a fruitless form of treatment.

Depending on where your fingernail fungus resides, you may have success with a topical lacquer, but if fungus has grown on the white portion of your nails, known as the “lunula,” no externally applied remedy can reach it.

On normal situations, your nails are meant to protect the delicate skin underneath, and so, in their very nature they are a hard surface. This is why it becomes difficult if not impossible to anything you try to apply to the outer face of your nails to get through the skin of the nail bed which is the site where fungal infections usually thrive. Ironically, once fingernail fungus develops, your own body’s own immune system can make it nigh impossible for you to eliminate nail fungus once it has taken hold.

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