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Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream- Super Balm Athletes Foot Cream

Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream- Super Balm Athletes Foot Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream- Super Balm Athletes Foot Cream.

  • EXTRA STRENGTH FORMULA- Formulated to work quick and aid avoid many undesirable conditions
  • NATURAL- Made with a natural components and powerful tea tree oil
  • STRONG DEFENSE- Help in the treatment of toenail fungus, athletes foot, ringworm. jock itch
  • RELIEVES SCRATCHY SKIN- Helps combat eczema and hydrates skin at the exact same time
  • THE VIKING ASSURANCE: A Viking products come with a 100% fulfillment warranty – simply call us if for any factor you re not delighted with your purchase

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream- Super Balm Athletes Foot Cream.

Question Question 1

What’S The Portion Of Tea Tree Oil In This?

Unsure however it smelled like fragrance wasn’t natural at all provided us an immediate headache and we could not use it we believed it was 100% natural, it is other than for the smell which we dislike

Question Question 2

Does This Contain Animal Glycerin?


Question Question 3

Can This Be Utilized For Dry Hands?

our other half s feet is peeling the skin since of Athlete feet, so we utilized this cream. On the container pointing out extra strength anti-fungal. Tea tree oil benefits infection and sterilization. Essential oil for dry skin is various. Hiroko Tsukasa

Question Question 4

Is This Halal Or Kosher?

we do not exactly sure.

Question Question 5

What Texture Is It?

It has like a smooth silky texture.

Question Question 6

What Texture Is It? Is It Lotion Texture?

It’s more of a balm.It resembles a think petroleum jelly.

Question Question 7

What % Tea Tree Oil Remains In This Product?

It doesn t state the portion, and it doesn t smell just like tea tree oil. It does work for what it states it s helpful for.

Question Question 8

Does This Product Contain Lavender Or Lavender Oil?

No it doesn t consist of lavender.

Question Question 9

What Are The Complete List Of Active Ingredients?

In Fact, we did not inspect. we purchased for our buddy.

Question Question 10

Can You Use This Product On Your Face?

No concept.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Viking Revolution Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream- Super Balm Athletes Foot Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We put on t like feet in basic at all. So we put on t like taking a look at feet and we are absolutely not gon na publish any images of our feet. However there s absolutely been an enhancement considering that we began utilizing this cream. Our toenails were strong however likewise flaky and this has assisted that a lot. It has an excellent smell too and a great consistency.

We in fact got this for ourself, lady here. It smells soooo excellent, however its extremely manly, like it makes us seem like we shouldnt be utilizing it, lol. Actually love quality of the product and the listening of the business. Actually wished to attempt the body wash up until we saw it was for usn likewise: pmay simply need to get it for our male rather.

Bought this to treat topical dermatitis on our foot it worked marvels. We likewise used it to our elbows where we have moderate plaque psoriasis. We are surprised at how smooth our elbows are. We will continue to buy this product again and again. We are extremely amazed.

We have attempted a number of viking rev’sproducts We genuinely love the quality of their beard oils and pomades. This balm is no various. We use vasoline usually for our dry hands, however this balm is a much better smelling (better quality) alternative that does not rub off. It is likewise fantastic if you suffer from dry skin in basic. The smell is good, however not subduing.

Love this product. We had a rash on our legs for months. We believed it was a lot of things from psoriasis to a yeast infection. We put on t like to go to the drs and we put on t have time. We began to get it on our arms after about 6 months. We altered our diet plan, we utilized coconut oil and tea treatment oil, vinegar, alcohol. Whatever simply made it more mad if we avoided a day. Then we began getting scratchy and swollen on our face. We began googling this rash, we figure out it was a fungal infection. We found this ointment and another, purchased both this one worked faster and the best. We have never ever had problems with our skin and we want we might state thank you to who ever made this ointment.

Our other half had skin inflammations that absolutely nothing appeared to fix-he altered soaps, laundry cleaning agents, and attempted practically every lotion and cream he might find. Absolutely nothing worked, and it spread out from small areas on his back to his arms and upperlegs This balm began working right away, stopping the inflammation and itching right now. 2 days in, inflammation has significantly minimized and the areas seem healing up. Absolutely nothing, and we indicate absolutely nothing, has worked in addition to this. Even better, it smells definitely great on him. We are absolutely going to be keeping this in our cabinet.

When we saw the small little bottle we were extremely doubtful. Extremely hard to get out likewise. When we attempted it all of us is great. We suffer from extreme eczema and the skin specialist keeps recommending various steroid lotions. We have attempted every over the counter and natural solutions around. We chose that we are done with steroids so was looking for something new. We have been utilizing this about 4 days and have had less itching than we have had in ages. It just takes a little bit and that goes along method. It s hard to use however worth it. We will buymore Some individuals put on t like the smell however we do.

This product is fantastic. We went mudding a weak ago and began to establish what appeared like a heat rash however spread along our chest and upper shoulders within 2 days. After research and self medical diagnosis, we recognized we had a fungal infection of the skin (similiar to ringworm/jock itch.) we attempted utilizing antifungal cream however since the location was so big we kept losing cash purchasing small tubes. After examining lots of products on, this was what we wound up picking, and we put on t remorse it a single bit. This product is fantastic. After one day of use we are currently observing a considerable modification in the contaminated locations. It s very moisturizing, and it smells excellent (nearly like men s soap or body spray.) it s way much easier to use than most antifungal creams, it melts like butter into your skin. It s got lost of natural components so you put on t seem like you re destroying your skin. A need to have.

This things smells and feels fantastic. Up until now no problems. Does not appear to leave an oily sensation and lasts a very long time.

We purchased this for our mom. She has a great deal of loose skin and in some cases it appears like raw hamburger meat on the lower stomach. She has attempted prescription medication that does not work this well. She stated simply a light layer cleaned up her problems overnight. This is a god send out for her. We will continue to buy this since she stated this is something everybody need to have around the home.

The salve has an enjoyable tea treesmell We use it on our hands and feet in the evening. We use it on our nails prior to we polish them to avoid any fungus growing. We have scratchy burning feet in the evening. We wereh our feet with tea tree soap and use the tea tree salve prior to bedtime. We sleepbetter We have not utilized it more than 10 days we are hoping it works for us long term too.

Thank you for letting us to have this excellent cream in time. This is 2nd bottle. The day his last cream we had this new one came. It is in the nick of time. Our other half s feet has been suffered with bullies athle s feet around march and april every year. However this year he didn’t have any this one however dried one and skin were pilling. He has been utilizing first bottle considering that march, one time his toes skin was peeled lots, however practically first bottle was nearly gone his feet is getting muchbetter No peeling skin. We believe the viking revolution tea tree balm is great our other half s feet. Thank you. Hirikowe tsukasa.

After 2 weeks of use it’s nearly gone. We are hiker and in the winter season heavy clothes traps wetness, triggering jock rot. We pick this since it’s natural, and we were shocked it worked well.

We purchased this since our other half has difficulty with foot smells due to being on his feet for 12 hours a day operating in health care. He likes thesmell It’s not too girly for him like a lot out there and the tea tree scent isn’t frustrating. It works well for him we will be a devoted customer. Simply want they had a larger size offered.

This product works fantastic as an antifungal that’s on our other half’s feet considering that he use army boot all informs time.

We in fact at first purchased this for our feet. They’re hella cool and required some of that excellent excellent lovin’. However this things smelled so good we began putting it all over, ev-ry-where. Then we began believing, our beard itches like insane, and is more than likely brought on by fungus, much like dandruff is, this things is antifungal and in it goes. Now our beard not just does not itch, however it looks lusciously complete and the smells like the hot male it is. We have not had this for a complete month, however at this rate, (for the application to feet, head, beard, and the fellas) it’ll most likely last a month. You’re a guy, smell like one.

Been utilizing this cream for about a week now and up until now so excellent. We broke our ideal foot a few years ago and had problems with extreme splitting and drying on our left foot since. Idea possibly since we were over compensating on the left. We have attempted great deals of products to attempt and get it dealt with however absolutely nothing has ever worked. So we chose to attempt this one and up until now it s been working fantastic. No more dry feet. It likewise has a manly smell however we put on t mind it. Still smells fantastic.

This cream is fantastic. We simply bought our 2nd container. We have a candida/fungal rash on our upper body and this cream zaps up the rash within 2 days after using the cream early morning and night. Regretfully the rash is returning when we stop utilizing the cream, so we think we require to find the underlying cause however this is fantastic for repairing the sign. We simply want they would produce a variation that smells less manly.

We have been attempting to eliminate angular chelitis (a fungal infection at the corners of your mouth) for months and chose to attempt this. It relaxed quickly and in a few days it’s nearly gone. This wants attempting other topical otc antifungals and using straight tea tree oil (was too extreme. ).

This products works fantastic for its function. The tea tree smell is a bit powerful however it isn’t long-term- if you cant deal with tea tree, this might be something to prevent.

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