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Toe Fungus Cure

Toe Fungus Cure

Toe Fungus Treatment

Here are some toe fungus treatments: A lot of people experience that one of their toes has turned a different colour. Or, it could happen that a specific toe or toes might start tingling, gets itchy or pains a lot.

Chances are that you might have encountered a toe fungus. The area beneath the nail is one of the most damp and enclosed part in the body. Because of this, there is an increased probability of contracting fungus problems in the toes as fungi grow in damp environment. Moreover, if an individual has experienced a broken nail or any other problem to the toe then chances are that toe fungus might be contracted.

There are several toenail fungus treatment options which can be tried but first one should check how severe the problem is. Checking this would give an idea as to what toe fungus treatment or medication can be tried to cure the problem. The following lines provide different treatments that could be tried to cure the fungi underneath your nails and they can be chosen depending on the state of the problem.

Some Toe Fungus Treatment

Quite a lot of people would like to go for some toenail fungus home remedies. But, the first thing that should be done to get proper toe fungus treatment is to go to a physician or specialists who can help determine the stage at which the problem is.

Depending on the time elapsed between contracting the medication and diagnosed, the physician can check the severity of the problem and then provide the medications accordingly. With the increase of advice sites over the internet and expertise that one gain over time, chances are that going to a physician might seem a waste of time. However, it is important that a specialist is contacted otherwise rest of the toe fungus treatment would remain as guesswork.

The most common toenail fungus treatment method includes going for over the counter drugs or creams. Moreover, at this phase, the problem hasn’t grown a lot and can be countered quite easily. For example, if one notices that there is slight nail discoloration, then the over the counter medication can be chosen.

There are a number of different anti fungus creams, gels and lacquers that can be bought at the local drug store, chemist shop or even through the online shopping websites. All of these medications contain various ingredients and because this is being tried first then the user has to experiment as to what medication or gel would work for them. The thing which has to be noted at this time is to get started with the treatment as soon as possible.

Considering the fact that the user has to experiment, going for the toe fungus treatment early is important. If the fungus is allowed to grow then it might damage the toe and a trip to the doctor would be completely unavoidable in such circumstances.

More Toe Fungus Treatment

Then the next thing which one could go for toenail fungus treatment is to get natural ingredients or medications. A lot of doctors and podiatrists recommend their patients to try out natural ingredients that have seen to be effective against nail fungus and foot fighting.

ZetaClear is considered one of the best natural treatments that are available in the market these days. Another popular example is to go for tea tree oil. However, just like it was in the case of over the counter medications, it is important to go for the natural ingredient treatment as soon as the fungus is countered.

If the problem has grown or if a doctor is consulted with in the go then prescription medications are the toenail fungus treatment. Moreover, if the toe fungus is not responding to any other treatment, then it becomes crucial to go to a physician and get prescribed medications for example, Lamasil.

However, this fact should be noted that there are some side effects of going for these medications. Many people have reported that they experience liver issues when taking these medications but it is important to continue with the prescribed drugs otherwise the toe fungus treatment won’t complete. As there is increased pressure on the liver when these medicines are being taken, the ailed shouldn’t go for any alcohol consumption as that would stress the liver.

Many physicians also suggest their patients to use topical medication or creams along with the prescription medications that are being taken. Their use is important as they would kill all the bacteria growing on the toe and ensure that there is no more growth. If the fungus has become quite severe then chances are that the doctor might order to cut off the toenail. After doing so, the topical medication or cream would be applied directly on the area affected by the fungus.

Hence, one can see that the aforementioned treatments depend on the kind of medication and the severity of the problem. Always go to a doctor, whatever the stage may be, to ensure that the best toe fungus treatment is done.

Nail Toe Fungus – 7 Things to Avoid

Nail toe fungus is a big problem for many people. Although it is not generally a life threatening type of condition, it is highly annoying and somewhat embarrassing. If you want to deal with nail & toe fungus properly, here are 7 simple things to avoid.

1. Damp Feet

The fungi that cause toenail fungus thrive in dark and damp places. Therefore, you should take care to keep your feet dry as much as possible by drying them thoroughly, wearing proper socks, changing shoes daily if possible, and applying some kind of foot powder or spray.

2. Improper Cleaning

Many people just get into the shower and don’t really focus on their feet. This is especially important if you have nail fungus. Wash your feet completely using some kind of antifungal/antibacterial soap and don’t forget to dry them.

3. Ill-fitted and Unclean Shoes

When it comes to your shoes, they are very important in dealing with nail fungus. First, they must fit properly or the banging of your nail against your shoe can cause major issues. Secondly, you must take steps to wash and rotate your shoes to kill any organisms living inside.

4. Fungus Danger Areas

Nail fungus can live a long time on a variety of surfaces. This includes gym floors, showers, and even carpet. It is important to protect your feet when walking in these areas.

5. Bad Diets

Improper diets can lead to major problems with your body and immune system. Those same problems can eventually impact your feet. This is especially true with those who are overweight or that suffer from diabetes. Something that is generally a cosmetic issue for most can turn into a much bigger ailment.

6. Lack of Nail Maintenance

In addition to properly washing and drying your feet daily, you should also pay close attention to the trimming of your nails. By keeping your nails cut, it will give less real estate for the fungi to use and may help new nail material to grow in faster.

7. Failing to Get a Proper Diagnosis

Another problem with nail fungus is that it may look like other skin conditions such as psoriasis. It is very important that you check with your doctor and choose a nail toe fungus treatment that best fits your situation.

Toe Fungus Treatment Forms

Treating a toenail fungus is not easy and it takes time, you will have to apply whichever treatment you choose every day for some months. After 6 months you should have part of the nail healthy, by 9 to 12 months the whole thing will be healthy and the toenail fungus should be gone. The length of treatment is mainly because it takes that long for a complete healthy nail to grow through.

There are several types of treatments you can choose from, natural, medicated, over the counter, and toe fungus treatment forms vary also. Some forms are more effective than others, and the form best suited to your toenail fungus depends on the severity of your infection, your general health as well as your preference. Here you will find a brief outline of toe fungus treatment forms.

The doctor – When you have problems with your feet, you can visit your family doctor or you can visit a foot expert called a podiatrist. If you have a severe infection you have been ignoring for some time, it is likely that natural or over the counter treatments may not have enough strength to be effective.

You may have to visit your doctor to talk about treatment options but success is not guaranteed. Some common medications used are fluconazole (oral) griseofulvin (oral), itraconazole (oral and topical) or terbinafine (oral and topical). Some toe fungus treatment forms a doctor may suggest include; Pills – Often your doctor will prescribe anti-fungal pills and treat the toenail fungus systemically rather than topically. This is because topical treatment is tricky since the nail prevents the medication from reaching the deep down fungus. Pills are used when an infection is severe and other forms of treatment have produced no improvements.

A good doctor will want to monitor you while you are on this form of toe fungus treatment as some anti-fungal pills do have serious potential side effects. These include liver and kidney damage. Make sure you talk to your doctor if there is any liver or kidney disease in the family or your own medical history.

Topical – Topical toe fungus treatment come in the form of a lotion, gel or salve that you rub into the infected area, or a nail lacquer you paint on. These are really only effective for mild cases and people have varying success with them.

Minor surgery – This form of treatment is only for extreme cases of infection and is not commonly resorted to. It helps to stop the infection from spreading though.

Laser – A small laser is used to kill the dermatophytes. It is able to reach the fungus without damaging the nail, and is the quickest of any treatment form. Often patients need only one visit though more severe cases or if several nails are infected then it may need more. There is no pain and success results are higher than with other toe fungus treatment forms. However it is not a cheap process.

Natural / Alternative / Over the counter options Treatments not prescribed by a doctor tend to be topical in form, oils you can rub in like tea tree oil, lavender oil, nail lacquers that contain ingredients like garlic, or goldenseal all anti-fungal herbs.

Some can also be turned into teas to consume as a systemic approach, and your best chance at getting something effective is to visit an alternative practitioner who knows what they are doing and can create a treatment regime that suits your case.

Toenail Fungus Remedies

If you are looking for a way to cure toenail fungus without spending the money on prescription medications or over the counter creams, then you may want to try some of the convenient toenail fungus remedies.

There are Toenail Fungus Treatments that will get rid of your toenail fungus but also many can cure your fungal infection. Some people avoid these treatments due to side effects, cost, or inconvenience.

Here is a list of many home remedies that you can try that are very popular and many people swear by. There is no evidence or scientific proof to back up these claims, however many people claim that some of these home remedies not only helped to clear up their toenail fungus, but cure it. Treating toenail fungus is only part of it, you also need to know What Causes Toenail Fungus in order to effectively rid yourself of it.

Warm Water and Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

Here is one of the most popular of the toenail fungus remedies. To begin, you will need to fill a basin with half warm water and half apple cider vinegar. Remember that you only need to have enough to cover the toes. Soak your toenails in the mix for about 15-20 minutes, twice a day. It is important that once you are finished with the soak to thoroughly dry your toes with either a towel or a hair dryer on the warm setting. Be sure to dry the nails and area in between the toes to make sure all moisture is gone. Continue to do method this until symptoms disappear.

Tea Tree Oil

There are many uses of tea tree oil due to it being a potent natural antiseptic that will assist in stopping your toenail fungus. Rub the affected toenail(s) with a cotton ball or toothbrush dipped in a mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil (in equal quantities). Allow the mixture to remain on your toenails for 10-15 minutes and then thoroughly wipe clean. Do this at least twice daily, if not three times daily, until all toenail fungus is gone.

Listerine Mouthwash

Listerine is a common household product that is also a powerful antiseptic that contains ethanol, thymol, eucalyptol, and benzoic acid that contain anti-fungal properties and work together to fight toenail fungus and kill bacteria. Another benefit to using Listerine is it can also leave your toenails looking glossy and healthy. Soak the affected toenails in Listerine for 20 minutes, 1-2 times daily. This home remedy will help eradicate the fungus.

Vicks VapoRub

Vicks is one of the more controversial toenail fungus remedies. Many believe that it does help stop the growth of toenail fungus; however it is also argued that Vicks has no effect on toenail fungus. Note that there are no claims that Vicks cures or eliminates toenail fungus and is simply thought to help stop it from spreading. This is one of the least recommended home remedies.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is also a common household item and is also easily available at any grocery store or pharmacy. Either soaks or covers a cotton ball with alcohol and applies it to your affected toenail for about 20 minutes, twice daily. Make sure to always dry your toes thoroughly prior to using any home remedy that involves applying moisture to your toenails.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Like rubbing alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) is a common household item as well and can be found at any grocery store or pharmacy. Either soak or cover a cotton ball with pure hydrogen peroxide (3%) for 20 minutes, twice daily. If this burns or causes an intense pain, try diluting the peroxide with half water. Thoroughly dry your toes and toenails after you are finished with the treatment. This is one of the easier toenail fungus remedies available.

Oregano and Olive Oil

This remedy helps eliminate toenail fungus due to its combination of antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-parasitical, and anti-fungal properties. Mix 2 drops of oregano essential oil with one teaspoon of olive oil. Then apply this mixture to the affected toenails once a day for a maximum of three weeks.

If these toenail fungus remedies fail to work for you, it may be necessary to get on a prescription medication to completely get rid of your toenail fungus.

Treatment For Toe Fungus

Nowadays, toe fungus cure is a problem that many people have to tackle with all over the world. This happens due to the fact that no man or woman gives the special attention that is needed, in order to get rid of this problem once and for all. So, if you are one of those people who are dealing with fungal infection, do not spend any more time on looking for information about it and visit a dermatologist or you can even learn some toenail fungal home remedies that will help you a lot.

One of the things that you should first know is that the fungal foot infection is usually due to the “trapped” moisture in a hot environment such as the closed shoes, so the fungal infection is more common on the feet instead of hands. Fungus grows more easily in a moist, warm and dark environment. That is the reason why the feet should stay dry and all of the shoes should be ventilated regularly.

Initially, the fungal infection symptoms make their appearance as a small, white or yellowish spot at the edge of the nail. As more as it spreads, the nail may become thicker and brittle, change its shape or become darker. As the fungus on the nails does not go away by itself, it is necessary to follow a toe fungus cure that will be the best one.

Beyond the oral treatment, the special solution for spreading the nail or the cream that will be suggested by your doctor, you can try one of the following three natural recipes for faster handling.

The baking soda has no antifungal activity. Nevertheless, it has the ability to prevent the spread of the fungus. While vinegar is acidic and the fungus grows in an acidic environment, its action is very mild, so help fight the fungus without drastically affecting the PH of your skin. You will need 4 to 5 tablespoons of baking soda, a cup of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar and water and your home recipe will be ready.

The fatty acids of the coconut oil have a natural antifungal activity and have the ability to destroy the lipid layer from which the membrane of the fungus comprises.

This is how they contribute to the gradual destruction of the microorganism. You can spread with your finger a small amount of coconut oil and let it absorb. You must repeat this action two to three times daily. It is also advisable to wear gloves when you are touching your feet and you must absolutely leave your feet to dry completely.

The above advice will certainly help you to keep your feet healthy and it will certainly protect you from any kind of fungal infection that is about to appear.

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