The numbers of individuals facing this unpleasant nail fungus have risen drastically these years. More than 10% young individuals of every age group and more than 50% individuals above 70 or older too are infected by nail fungus and have to face this problem.

Thymol is one solution for overcoming this nail fungus problem. It is considered as an energetic component in Thyme Oil, originated from Thyme leaves. As describes in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, “Thymol belongs to a naturally taking place class of compounds referred to as biocides, with solid antimicrobial qualities.

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So What Is Thymol?

There are many studies being demonstrated to prove thymol’s best performance for combating nail fungus. It is one of the most effective components for killing the fungi that triggers nail fungus. It has also been found to be capable of killing the candida fungus totally.

Thymol is a reliable, effective alternative treatment against nail fungus. It is safe and does not contain any harsh active components in it. It combats nail fungus rather swiftly and promotes better, healthier nails.

Usage Of Thymol

Thymol has currently been shown to eliminate fungi and microorganisms. It has natural antibacterial residential properties. Thus, it is best and reliable for fighting bacterial infections of the finger nails and toenails. It is suggested to apply this product twice daily on the infected nails till your nails expands out.

Any Contraindications

Thyme and also its extracts are not meant to be made use of by pregnant or nursing mothers due to its role as a uterine stimulant. Suggested dosage is a must to get the real benefit and over dosage for longer periods of time might cause migraines, irritation to the digestive system, wooziness.

The individuals suffering from heart problems, epilepsy and seizure conditions are not advised to use this toenail fungus. Also, those who are sensitive to other natural herbs like pepper mint, marjoram, basil, sage, spearmint must stay clear of this Thymol for nail fungus treatment.

Last Words On Thymol

As a nail fungus treatment, Thymol does work on some users. It does kill bacterial infections, heals affected nails and promotes new, healthy nails again. It might work for you as well.

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