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THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength

THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength.

  • 100% natural plant based concentrate formula relieves, smooths, softens & repairs dry flaky spots, ca us, scratchy, red, cracked, inflamed skin, simple to use, quickly taking in
  • Natural anti inflammatory anti itch relief cream that helps natura y treat & avoid skin infections brought on by fungus without adverse effects
  • Antifungal restorative grade essential oil blend of tea tree, lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender plus organic arnica, neem, turmeric understood for offering max security & avoidance
  • Rejuvenating and relaxing, an a around effective homeopathic solutions skin moisturizer healing ointment for the entire household (scalp, body, knees, elbows, feet, heels, hands, finger nails, toenails, cuticle)
  • Made in United States with the finest organic & 100% natural components, paraben & ruthlessness free, for women and men. A little goes a long method. Apply day & night.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength.
Antifungal Cream made with a -natural & organic components for healthy feet, consisting of 100% tee tree oil and lavender oil, ultra hydrating, kindly renews wetness, relieves, eliminates, saves dry, peeling, cracked peel ca us skin on feet and heals fungal infections the natural and effective method without adverse effects potentia y triggering heart problem or high high blood pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength.

Question Question 1

Can This Be Applied Anyplace On The Body? Simply Wondering It It Is Safe To Do So.?

we do not understand why it could not be used anywhere on the body. If it is OKAY to use on the feet, it needs to be OKAY to use other locations. Nevertheless, we would not consume it or put in eye.

Question Question 2

How Is The Texture Of This Things? Bf Has Athletes Foot Attempting To Find Some New Things For Him To Use However He Dislikes Oily Greasy Balms/Lotions?

The texture is more like ointment or cream, hydrating and takes in remarkably well, not oily at all. we attempted watery creams prior to, they are more affordable however do not assist treat our callus.

Question Question 3

Which Is The Entity That Licenses This Product To Be Organic?

There are 5 symbols on the label that might suggest this if you acknowledge them. we put on t and it doesn t appear we can publish an image here. Examine our evaluation in a few minutes. we believe we can publish an image file there.

Question Question 4

How Do We Use It Fir Effective Results On Toe Nail Fungus? There Are Truly No Instructions On How To Use TheProduct Do We Use One Or Two Times A Day?

we use two times a day although it’s most likely a matter of individual preference.The product is succeeding for dry skin however didn’t appear to do much for our nail fungus.Although pricey EmuaidMAX maximum strength, for us, is really eliminating toe fungus we have had for over 20 years.That’s not to state this product won we use two times a day although it’s most likely a matter of individual preference.The product is succeeding for dry skin however didn’t appear to do much for our nail fungus.Although pricey EmuaidMAX maximum strength, for us, is really eliminating toe fungus we have had for over 20 years.That’s not to state this product will not work for you; for fungus it simply didn’t work for us.

Question Question 5

Does It Assistance Stop Feet From Peeling?


Question Question 6

Does This Product Stop Smelly Feet?

Yes, it can due to the fact that it helps eliminate germs and fungus

Question Question 7

Can We Use This On Our Canines Paws?

This product includes aloe vera which is poisonous to pet dogs if consumed. If you use on your canine, ensure they do not lick their paws.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on THENA Natural Wellness Tea Tree Oil Antifungal Cream Extra Strength, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Odors and has consistency of vick’s vapor rub. Our twins both wear shoes throughout the day and slippers all night. The only time their toes breathe remains in the shower or bed. They get fungus toenails. We purchased this and it instantly kills the dreadful foot smell and their toenails stopped turning yellow. We had an itch in the arch of our foot and it would not disappear. We rubbed this things into it the location and instantly the itching stopped. You will love this things. It works.

This is an excellent alternative made from natural components rather of otc choices in the drug store.

We have had a location on our foot for a number of years now which skin specialists have identified as psoriasis. We have attempted numerous creams and salves and have had no success. We wind up needing to go to the skin doctor for a steroid shot about every 3-4 months. The medical professionals do not wish to provide us steroid shot any longer and the promoted treatments like humera, and so on. Are really pricey and not covered by our insurance coverage. We found this salve and attempted it 2 days earlier and our foot is practically totally cleaned up. It’s remarkable. We can’t think we found something that worked.

We are stickler for natural components. We love this foot cream. It smells great, goes on smooth and has assisted our feet from breaking.

In the beginning we believed this was a little pricey however after utilizing it we have chosen it is well worth the cash. We are diabetic & we have had problem with our feet being dry & rough for several years. We get routine pedicures every 4 weeks and simply have the worst problem getting our feet soft. Previously. After utilizing this product for 4 weeks, our pedicurist was surprised at well our feet looked. She stated we put on t understand what you re doing however keep it up. We even had a tow that would divide open due to the fact that of the dryness however it lastly is recovered due to the fact that of this product. We would certainly suggest this product and our only remorse is not discovering it years earlier.

We use this product after we soak our feet in the tea tree oil foot soak. It has made our toenail fungus vanish within weeks. After chemo our nails ended up being stained- yellow, brown and white. After utilizing the soak and the balm our toenails are 80%better We will be acquiring again, the balm lasts a very long time you do not require that much. We have had it for a month and we are not even half method completed.

We love this foot balm. It is a thick salve so it covers and remains where you pur it wuthout any leaking. Our other half gas hard skin on the bottom of his feet and after utilizing this foot balm his skin is super soft and we do not minutes him purring jis feet on us any longer.

We are on our feet over 12 hours a day and this balm truly does assist. We do ensure that our feet are clean prior to using and we do choose utilizing gloves when we use this. From remaining in boots throughout that time, the tops of our feet can get dry and really scratchy. Considering that utilizing this balm, they’re not as dry and are no longer scratchy from the dryness. While there are still a few fractures in our heels, they are really healing a lot faster than if we were to use creams and medications. Prior to we first used this, we not just ensured our feet were clean however we went and had a pedicure done to ensure bulk, if not all of the dead skin was eliminated. Despite the fact that our skin was still dry and cracked, we used this balm and observed an instant distinction. Not just did our foot appearance and feel softer, however we might instantly feel a big distinction from utilizing routine lotion and this balm. Our feet truly do feel hydrated and this will certainly can be found in hand throughout the cold weather. A little of this does go a long method.

We waited a bit to attempt this out prior to examining to provide it a genuine shot. We are flip flop user and we have a rough area on each toe from shoes. This things has lowered the visual of it and softened it up a lot. We love this product. We have attempted great deals of things and creams for this specific area and this one goes beyond anything else.

We bought this balm for use on our toenails. We have been utilizing it for a few weeks now and do not discover any distinction yet. Although we have utilized 2 rounds of a prescription product without success too so our expectations weren thigh We like the feel of the balm and specifically like thesmell Unlike our tea tree oil which has a frustrating smell, the mix of oils in this product is enjoyable. It appeared like a percentage when it first got here however you use simply a little so it will last for a while. We continue to use it in the hopes that it will ultimately make a distinction.

When we got this we were a little hesitant. We have raynards in both of our feet and they remain dried and cracked. We have attempted various things on them, however this balm is terrific. It has assisted our feet feel soft and smooth. We like the density of it and how it remains on. It just takes a little of this balm to go along method. We have put this on everynight and our feet fell better and better every day. Our feet do not have fractures in them now. We would suggest this balm to anybody who has issues with there feet. It a terrific product.

Great product.

This things is remarkable. We have had an itch in the arch of our foot that has waxed and subsided over many years, we can t even keep in mind the length of time, however a very long time. We would itch it to the point where it would blister and the itch felt so deep it seemed like it remained in our bone. We have been to the skin doctor and recommended steroids for it which assisted in time, however it took weeks and then it would constantly return after a brief amount of time. We took a look around for something else and we attempted this and after utilizing it simply 2 days the itch was gone and has been chosen weeks. We now put it on simply when a day and it has been a few months and not even a trace of the itch has returned. Highly recommended if you have a problem like mine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this product.

Our heels appear to constantly get dry and cracked considering that we relocated to arizona. This cream appears to have been the just one to make a distinction. We use it consistently every night and lastly, we feel comfy revealing our feet in public. It does take a bit to soak up however that is all right as we can place on some socks to assist it enter. We do not discover a strong scent other than being astringent. It is a small container however lasts a long time.

Paired well with tea tree oil foot soak. We had truly bad cracked and aggravatingly scratchy calloused heels after a pedicure. We couldn’t stand the itching and peeling of our heels anymore We had clearly gotten some type of infection that was triggering the problem. We bought tea tree oil foot soak with epsom salt and this tea tree oil foot balm. Soaked our feet for 15-30 minutes in warm water combined with foot soak. Then took a clean metal foot file (works better than a pumice stone) to submit away the dead contaminated callous. Then included foot balm all over our feet (a bit oily however this makes it hydrating). We instantly felt a minor heat or tingling experience on the souls of our feet when we used the balm. It was great due to the fact that it made us seem like it was working. We placed on a set of socks and went to sleep. Still had minor itching over night on one foot however our feet were totally recovered by the next early morning. We highly suggest this product. Btw, after the first treatment, our feet were recovered. Regrettably, we continued using the very same set of shoes that we had been using when our feet were still contaminated and the result was that our feet got re-infected by contamination from our shoes (it was summertime so those shoes were all we used). We wound up carrying out the very same treatment a 2nd time in addition to tossing out those shoes, and the infection has not return considering that.

Consistency resembles a salve. Medical type scent, however really tea tree oil-ish. Next early morning after first application, our heels appeared much more hydrated than if we wouldve utilized lotion. We attempt to use every night, though our heels are not dreadful, with all the effort of scrubbing and hydrating, we still see fractures in heels. However this salve appears to include a higher appearance of hydration so they do not look overlooked. Im still awaiting our pinky toe nails to be less thick and yellow. Have been utilizing x 1 wk.

Personally we love this product for a number of factors however among the greatest is the components list because the components are legitimate organic that makes sense why it costs a lot for so little however that’s really an advantage. Since from our experience we have been utilizing a little for each foot considering that we have callus and it truthfully has softened it really rapidly however what makes it even better is just how much we are being utilizing as we just use a percentage so it might be a percentage however it goes a long method so props for making an excellent product.

We enjoyed that this is 100% natural plant based. We like that it s essential oils that are utilized to make this cream. We use it in the evening prior to bed and put socks on when we sleep and have certainly seen a distinction on our heels. A negative effects is that our hands are softer too.

We have been fighting dry, cracked feet and toe nail fungus for several years– without success. We check out the terrific evaluations of this product, and we chose to attempt it. After 2 weeks, our feet were smooth and soft. Our toe nails ended up being clearer. Our toe nails are not completely clear, however they are the best they have remained in years. We will continue to use tee tree oil antifungal foot cream concentrate.

Good foot product. Appears to be the perfect consistency of smooth and light. The product is not oily. It is not a lotion consistency. Certainly a balm consistency that uses quickly. Just a little quantity is required and the foot soaks it right up. Right after we use it, our feet are smooth, soft and smell terrific. It does not cure cracked heels or other cracked locations completely after one application. We didn’t anticipate it to however. We use it practically every other day and our feet get better each time. We have no problems with the product ending up being watery like other evaluations discussed. We envision those individuals are saving it in a hot damp location. It is not the products fault it melts. Simply make certain to keep it in correct location. We have been utilizing it for a month and our feet remain in better condition due to the fact that of it.??????????.

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