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St. Mege Fungus Nail Repair Pen - Natural Fungal Nail Care Solution for Fingernails and Toenails

St. Mege Fungus Nail Repair Pen – Natural Fungal Nail Care Solution for Fingernails and Toenails

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of St. Mege Fungus Nail Repair Pen – Natural Fungal Nail Care Solution for Fingernails and Toenails.

  • Repairs & Protects Carefully: From the repair phase to the security and after care phase, the solution wi enhance your skin with a of its health benefits from the essential oils and vitamins.
  • Easy Application: The pen- type solution makes it a breeze to use to your impacted nails. The procedure of fixing is long and needs relentless daily applications, however with this basic approach it wi not include problems to your hectic schedule.
  • Effective and Quality Solution: Strengthen your nails with our Fungal Nail solution to assist to provide your nails a complete transformation
  • Natural and Mild: Our natural Fungus nail repair pen formula is mild on the nails and skin while powerful in strengthening nails. There is no pain or discomfort.
  • Highly Effective: St. Mege nail repair pen helps to eliminate brittle and split toenails and fingernails, while secure the healthy nails.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on St. Mege Fungus Nail Repair Pen – Natural Fungal Nail Care Solution for Fingernails and Toenails.
Having A Hard Time with nail issues? Been pestered by fungal infection for years?. Look no more than St. Mege s nail repair pen. With its maximum strength yet mild formula and exceptionally simple application, your nails wi be brought back to their original shine in no time. Unhealthy, brittle and blemished nails, be gone. Treat your nail and restore to clear and healthy nails. Natural and powerful fungus- battling formula are combined into a powerful formula that offers noticeable results within 2- 4 weeks. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Completely wash and dry the impacted toes and fingers. 2. Carefully turn the end of the pen to give product onto the brush applicator. 3. Use a thin layer of liquid directly over impacted locations 3 times daily or as directed by a doctor. 4. Depending upon the condition of the impacted location, use daily for 2 – 4 weeks. Care: For external use just. Do not use on kids under 2 years of age unless directed by doctor. When utilizing this product, prevent contact with the eyes. If contact takes place, rinse the eyes extremely completely with water. Stop use and ask a doctor if inflammation takes place or if there is no enhancement within 4 weeks. Keep out of reach of young kids. If swa owed, get medical help or get in touch with a toxin nerve center. Do not use this product, if you are pregnant or nursing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on St. Mege Fungus Nail Repair Pen – Natural Fungal Nail Care Solution for Fingernails and Toenails.

Question Question 1

Will Our Toenails End Up Being Smoother If We Use This Antwe Fungus Pen?

Yes, It worked for us.The fungus treatment used 100% natural components, this powerful nail solution nourishes whilst battling stubborn fungus.

Question Question 2

What Are The Active Ingredients For This Fungus Treatment?

deacetylated chitin 2%, OI- hydroxybezonic acid 3%, Angelica dahurica and and so on

Question Question 3

Can We Use Nail Polish While Utilizing This Nail Repair Pen?

Linked with the customer support, and gotten the response stated you ought to not put polish on finger or toe nails that have fungus, due to the fact that the impacted toe/fingernail requirements to breathe, and smothering it with polish will intensify the infection.

Question Question 4

How Frequently Do You Need To Use This Nail Treatment Pen And The Number Of Treatments Does This Plan Contain?

It states to use about 1- 3 times each day over 2 weeks or two. There are 4 pens in each box one pen laates us about 10 treatments however we used mutiple coats to our nails

Question Question 5

How Smells This Product??

Slight smell however not over powering

Question Question 6

Got This. Box Was Sealed. However 3 Of The Pens Are Dripping And None Of The Pens Themselves Were Sealed. Is This Regular?

When we purchased mine, they weren’t dripping however were sweating and looked quite empty too. we did understand this is not the appropriate brand name we were getting formerly. It looks similar other than the name is various and it does not work as quickly as the other brand name by Evagloss.

Question Question 7

Will Nail Fungusreturn After We Stop Utilizing Product?

still utilizing product.Nails were extremely uneven and bent prior to use, and were separating from nail bed. Much has enhanced, however still use to eliminate all of it

Question Question 8

How Long Does One Tube Last?

If utilized consistently on a few nails, about a month.Depends on just how much you soak the fungus and the number of toes.Great product.

Question Question 9

What Are The Active Components?

simple to use.does work right from the first use to assist eliminate debris dead skin.

Question Question 10

What Are The Active Components?

Main components: Oregano essential oil, Almond oil, Angelica dahurica, Tea tree essential oil, Calendula officinalis flower oil, Eucalyptus essential oil.

Question Question 11

How Do The Pens Work? We Can T Seem To Get Any Of The Solution On The Pens?

You twist the back of the pen clockwise up until it begins coming out of the brush location. As long as you still have solution in the pen, and it didn’t leakage out.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on St. Mege Fungus Nail Repair Pen – Natural Fungal Nail Care Solution for Fingernails and Toenails, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have had dark locations which appear like toe nail fungus on both huge toes for a relatively very long time. Have purchased a number of products in last few years. Have gone to 2 skin specialists, got a prescription from 2 of them. In fact utilized an unique prescription x2 times without results. Really dissapointed & generally quit. Ran accross ad on, check out some evaluations, chose to attempt this. Still early in procedure, however in fact thrilled that this product appears to be working. We prepare to continue utilizing and hope for continued sucess & resolution. Grateful that we bought product.

After 2 weeks the modification is remarkable. Our nails are starting to look regular again. We didn’t wish to go the prescription drug path, so we attempted natural products rather. Absolutely nothing worked. Our pinky finger was totally pitted and dark. The ring finger was the first to get contaminated and the worst looking. The middle and forefinger were starting to turn dark too. As you can see by the photo, there are clear indications of modification. We will publish another photo at the end of the month.

For individual with athlete foot (foot nail fungus). We are mid 50 s. Our foot nail pestered us because we were15 It was almost treated by lamisil tablets (90 days of dosage) about 10 years earlier. Nevertheless, it was begun again and we attempted lamisil again. However after 3 days later on, our stomach was upset and our hunger was lost due to the fact that lamisil was too strong to me. We took place to find this nail cure pen and bought it with a slime (extremely slime) expectation. However outcome is big. It worked. It is simple too use. Highly recommended.

The fungal infection on the majority of our toes was moderate intensity. We had formerly attempted a number of over the counter solutions; none worked. Likewise most either were unpleasant to use or smelled bad. These appear to be treating all of it, although it takes a while. We were doubtful of the pens. Idea it was trick, now we are offered. Easy to use and that motivates us to use it more frequently. Just a light smell that we do not find objectionable,.

We have been utilizing the nail repair pen for 10 weeks and although it has been time- consuming for favorable results to happen our nails are revealing indications of enhancement. Over the course of 5 years we have utilized other topical antwe fungal products, however this one has offered us the best results and, for that reason, we will continue utilizing it up until our condition has totally cleaned up.

We had a blemished (blackened) toenail that was black from the top of the nail to midway down on the best side of our huge toenail on our best foot. It’s been that method for some time now and we are ashamed to state that we had repaired that problem in the past by keeping it covered with nail polish. We lastly chose to not polish any more and repair the problem. Our feet get very sweaty from our task and now we use a foot powder and likewise use the st. Mege fungus nail repair pens 4 pk. After just one week of utilizing the pen, after every shower, our huge toe has half the quantity of fungus that it utilized to have. We have published a photo of that. We have yet to use the tool that occurred with it, however will now begin because the area of the fungus is even more down the toenail. We have attempted other kinds of treatments in the past with no success. We are exceptionally pleased with the results. We have just utilized 1/2 of one pen up until now.

Just utilized 2 pens. We see some development. Our company believe it is working. Most likely will take a number of months of utilizing to totally clear however we submitted our pin downs low prior to preliminary application.

This product works like magic. We eliminated nail fungus after utilizing it for a number of weeks. We still require to use it for a little bit longer.

Our toe thumbnail got fungus, and we purchased this product and utilized it. It is extremely simple to get the correct amount to use to the location. After 3 days, we can see the color of our toe thumbnail altered towards regular colorby comparing it to regular nail environments. After one week, our nail got better even more. We like this product.

And the rate on makes it worth it. We have attempted many products and even had our toe nails ripped out and still the fungwe would return. As a runner and triathlete we have constantly had fungwe nails on a minimum of 4 or 6 toes. We bought our first product l and completed it within 2. 5 months. And it showed to be the most effective product yet. So we purchase another to rid the last of fungwe staying. We would quickly do an industrial for this product confirming its effectiveness3.

Our toenails utilized to appear like fritos. After utilizing this product two times a day for a couple months, that nasty yellow corn chip appearance is nearly gone. We have attempted different topical antifungal nail treatments readily available at drug shops however absolutely nothing has worked. Offered the relative low expense and great evaluations we figured we would provide this a shot. It works. It helps that it fasts and simple to use, so we have been great about not missing out on treatments. We suggest providing this a shot.

We have had nail fungus on our toe nails and 2 finger nails for years. Lamisil didn’t work and we likewise attempted tea tree oil for a year and that didn’t work either. We got st. Mege and used it 2- 3 times a day and after 4 weeks we observed a considerable enhancement. We have been utilizing the product for about 3 months now and it appears the nail fungus is gone as our nails are not that yellow-colored color any longer and are back to a pinkish- white and are not brittle. Prior to we might cut the nail nearly to the cuticle without discomfort (due to the fact that the nail was dead) and now they are strong and simply require a trim like regular. We highly suggest this product if you are suffering from nail fungus.

They appear to be working ok. They do not last more than a week if you use this on your 10 toes two times daily for 7 days. We are 68 and we have had toenail fungus for over 20 years. When these pens were provided, we sanded all our pin downs nearly to the skin and have been using this twice daily for one month. It appears to be working up until now, however we will most likely need to use this approach for a year up until the nail grows totallyout It’s a perfectly created effectively made pen to use with a company brush that goes under the cuticle. Nevertheless we dislike to toss them away after just one week of use. They most likely can be filled up by popping off the bottom part. Possibly they can use us refills.

It is working. We have fungus under the toenails. On both huge toes, it raised the nails. On the other nails on best foot, it didn’t raise the nails however exists. This has gotten the nails clear enough that the majority of it is gone. We can now cut the nails. They were so thick we might not cut them without severe pressure. This is not quick however yes it works.

We were doubtful on utilizing this pens believing they wouldn t work due to the fact that we have attempted a lot of things and didn’t see any results however when we saw this we chose to provide it a shot and wow did this work it takes days to reveal results however if you use 3 times a day you will begin seeing the results we would compose this evaluation unless we saw results with our own eyes. So who ever has this problem provide it a shot and be consisten to see results like we stated it takes some time however what you desire is results and not keep purchasing things that wear t program enhancements.??.

This things is remarkable. We have had one toe that has had a white fungus under it for years. We have attempted over the counter medications, went to the doctor and got medication which not did anything and lastly chose to attempt this. Because we have had this problem for so long we believed it would take permanently if it did anything. Well, a month later on and there is a really noticeable distinction. In reality our toenail has in fact aligned out some and the white things is all however gone. It doesn t harm any more either. It didn’t take almost as long as we believed to see results either.

This product has been the just product in 10 years that has revealed any development. Taking a guess we have attempted around 6 products including this one. We might use the other 5 together and it still would not produce like this does. Our nails aren t perfect yet however we can lastly stroll out of the home without sox. One thing we are not thrilled about. That would be the $20 for evaluation. We see that deal on all kinds of products now and being a relatively bad individual we have attempted to gain that advantage with other products and have never ever seen anything.

It’s now february and have been utilizing it because mid november. We have utilized other things in the past, like vitamin e oil and idea the nails “looked better” like other individuals were stating about this. However by the new year we understood the genuine distinction was the new nail growth looked regular and the nails appeared to grow a little faster and we might cut the bad parts. We still have one vial left. We wish to do another box to ensure we get another complete cycle of regular growth. We never ever believed we would find something that would work however this is it. Image demonstrates how after 20+ year of a destroyed, rough nail (that often falls off), just the nail idea is still a little rough and we lastly have a semi- smooth nail. Nail is yellow due to the fact that the product has been used and is yellow.

We purchased this to eliminate the nasty finger and toenail fungus. With its ease of application and no negative effects, we found it to be extremely effective. The secret is consistency and we have been utilizing it for some time. Often, it is essential to keep utilizing this nail repair pen for 6 months to get the preferred results. However it is working. We will upgrade after 6 months with the upgraded results.

We have had yellow fungus contaminated toenails for over 15 years. We have attempted a number of treatments consisting of expensive laser treatments and medications. While we have just been utilizing st. Mege’s nail repair pen for 3 weeks, we have seen the nail bed end up being a clear nail. While we understand that any nail treatment is a long procedure, as you need to wait for the nail to grown out, this things appears to be working. We are so fired up to be able to use flip flops and shoes for the summer season without the worry or evaluating eyes of others.

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