Toenail fungus is extremely an unpleasant condition that affects personal health and wellness and even self esteem. Many individuals are victims to this nail fungus problem. Toenail fungus is characterized by crumbling, irritated and fragile nails and any environments that are wet and warm are a breeding place for fungi infections to thrive.

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Regarding The Product

To overcome this nail fungus infection is a long process and take a longer time to see visible outcomes. There are many solutions available in the marketplace today, but many of them do not provide the best possible results as advertised.

One of the most preferred new toenail fungal treatments that is proven to really completely eliminate fungal infection and prevent its re-occurrence is ProClearz Fungal Shield.

ProClearz is the advanced product for nail fungus treatment. It is made with only active ingredients that are clinically proven effective to treat nail fungus infections. It is the most reliable one that clearly helps in total elimination of toenail fungus.

What Is ProClearz Fungal Shield?

ProClearz is a topical product that is simple for toenail fungus treatment. It is a trustworthy and a fast-acting nail fungus treatment. It is clinically tested and completely helps eliminate traces of nail fungus infections and prevent nails from being infected again in the future.

ProClearz Fungal Shield is made by PROFOOT as the most effective nail fungus treatment. It is available in gel-based form and has an easy nail-polish like applicator. This is a discreet and fast-drying nail solution. It is free from chemical smells or inflammation additives.

Active Ingredients

  • Acetone
  • Tolnaftate
  • Water
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Tocopheryl Acetate

Feasible Side Effects

ProClearz Fungal Shield is meant to be used by those above 2 years. There might trigger skin irritation initially and it is extremely flammable. If this does not work within 4 weeks, then stop the medication and consult the doctor.


  • It alleviates itching, cracking, burning, soreness, scaling etc.
  • It treats fungal infections from the source of the problems.
  • It is best and effective non-prescription medication.
  • It uses hassle-free pen dispenser as application tool.
  • It treats nail fungus in and around your nails
  • It works smoothly as nail polish.
  • It is available in gel-based form.
  • It is fast-drying and leaves undesirable chemical smells.
  • It moisturises toenails and skin around nails.
  • It also heals athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm.

ProClearz Guarantee

The users of this nail treatment are offered with a 60 day money back guarantee. In the product is not effective or you don’t want to use, you can return the product and get your hard earned money.

Final Thought

ProClearz Fungal Shield treats the toes and fingers with infection. This is an effective nail fungus treatment that works even though it takes time. It has worked for many users and is proven safe and effective. It will really promote healthy toenails free from nail fungal infections and other nails related infections. Keep your nails and personal belonging clean and tidy and you will obtain the best health.

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