Peroxide Review

Toenail Fungus Also known as Onycomycosis toenail fungus is very common almost in all countries. Nail Fungus Home Remedy Peroxide nail infection is usually caused by fungal organisms underneath the nails. The nails infected with fungus may become discoloured thick and brittle.

The infection can be annoying to anyone when it shows symptoms of discoloured toenails. Gradually, the infection may develop cramps and the nails may look ugly. You cannot cure the nail fungus overnight by any means.

Applying turmeric powder regularly will soften your nail and take away the organisms. Do you know that you can also get rid of toenail fungus with henna?

Here’s what you will do –

  • Get a bunch of henna leaves make a paste out of the leaves and then put it over the surface of the affected nail.
  • Wait for an hour or so before washing it away
  • The juice of an onion is also a good remedy to get rid toenail fungus
  • By and large the most effective of all home remedies to cure toenail fungus is turmeric powder
  • Slice an onion and rub it all over the affected toenail
  • There are a bunch of other home remedies for toenail fungus

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