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Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener

Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener.

  • Proven formula has been strengthening nails & conditioning cuticles for over 25 years
  • Avoids divides, chips, peels & fractures on even the most serious cases
  • Soft and fragile nails wi rapidly grow to new lengths
  • Offers nails high endurance & long-term strength & Coconut Aromatic
  • Conditions cuticles & nails with calcium, vitamins & hydrogenated jojoba oil

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener.
Size: Load of 1 Weak thin fragile nails? Hard as Hoof nail strengthening cream utilizes a wetness abundant solution of vitamins, minerals and emo ients to restore the natural wetness balance to dry, thin nails. § Soft and fragile nails wi rapidly grow to new lengths. § Enhances nail and conditions cuticles. § Avoids divides, chips, and fractures. § High endurance and long-term strength. § Excellent cold cream. § CoconutScent § # 1 best se er.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener.

Question Question 1

We Are Piano Gamer And Typically Keep Our Nails Brief. Nevertheless The Pounding On The Piano Causes Our Nails To Chip, Fracture, Flake.Does This Prod Assist?

It should.our spouse is diabetic so he has quick nail growth (taking boitin) however they chip quickly, especially because he will not use garden gloves.This has made a considerable distinction for the better.

Question Question 2

Do You Use This On Bare Nails Or Can We Still Use Our Gel?

we believe it is skeptical that it will permeate through gel polish, nevertheless, rubbing it around the cuticle, sides, and on the back of refined nails will assist keep those locations in great condition. When we remove our polish we use it to our bare nails and leave it set over night (or a minimum of numerous hours) prior to cleaning our we believe it is skeptical that it will permeate through gel polish, nevertheless, rubbing it around the cuticle, sides, and on the back of refined nails will assist keep those locations in great condition. When we remove our polish we use it to our bare nails and leave it set over night (or a minimum of numerous hours) prior to cleaning our hands and reapplying polish.

Question Question 3

How Long Does It Require To See A Distinction?

we had weak & brittle nails. we cut all our pin downs then begun utilizing this along with NailEnvy It took 2-3 weeks for some growth & at a month they were long enough to cut method down.

Question Question 4

Does It Work For Dry And Brittle Nails?

It helps with dry skin from over cleaning or etc however we did not discover any nail growth from it.

Question Question 5

Have Any Men Utilized This? How Did It Work?

we believe it would work the exact same for usn or women. It repairs broke, cracked or peeling nails for anybody. He simply might need to cut a little more typically than he’s utilized to, however that’s a better problem than dreadful nails.

Question Question 6

Would It Smooth Out Ridges? Unsure If Ridges Originated From Abrupt Brittleness Of Nails.?

our skin specialist informed us that ridges came from severe dryness of the nail bed, to name a few reasons.This product does an outstanding task of hydrating the nail bed if used a minimum of daily and rubbed into the location around the nail, the nail top, and under the top edge of the nail.This product has assisted our n our skin specialist informed us that ridges came from severe dryness of the nail bed, to name a few reasons.This product does an outstanding task of hydrating the nail bed if used a minimum of daily and rubbed into the location around the nail, the nail top, and under the top edge of the nail.This product has assisted our nails ridges.It takes 30-60 days of constant use to see significant enhancement.

Question Question 7

We Don T Required It For Cosmetic Factors. We Required To Strengthen Our Nails For Finger Badgering Our Guitar. Would This Product Suffice?

Yes we have really had great deals of individuals over the years use it for playing their guitar. Hope that helps please let us understand if you have any longer questions.

Question Question 8

Is This Formula Ruthlessness Free?

Yes it is 100% ruthlessness free. We have never ever checked on animals and will never ever evaluate on animals. Our business has lots of animal fans so our products will constantly be ruthlessness free.

Question Question 9

Should We Use Prior to Or After Using Lotion? We Have Dry Hands?

we generally put it on prior to lotion, however we do not understand that it matters.It takes in rapidly for us – we likewise have extremely dry hands and nails.

Question Question 10

Does It Burn Your Nail Bed?

No it will not burn your nail bed. Thank you quite for your question.

Question Question 11

Why Can T We Order More Than One?

we think due to the fact that it is so popular.

Question Question 12

Hi Can Anybody Inform United States If This Is As Excellent As Nailvive Natual? We Utilized Nailvive Got Results In 3 Days. Our Nails Are So Hard Its Hard To Clip, So Strong.?

Hard As Hoof has not been practical for us.

Question Question 13

Do You Use The 4 Method Boxy File/Buffer Or Suede Chamois?

Neither metal nail file and a buffer

Question Question 14

Is This The Exact Same One By Onyx In White Container Green Label Cherry Almond Sent?

It s called the exact same thing (Hard As Hoof) however we are uncertain. we have had the white container geeen label prior to and the more recent container which is white with black label. we buy it at Walmart. we are uncertain about this one.

Question Question 15

Does This Business Make A Foot Cream? This Things Is Incredible On Our Nails And Dry Skin On The Tips Of Our Fingers.?

we do not understand however we use this on our toes also.try it

Question Question 16

Can We Get Overnight Shipping?

If you purchase from me, my own are delivered from, and you can choose over night shipping.

Question Question 17

Is This Ruthlessness Free?


Question Question 18

How Well Does This Deal With Toe Nails?

Nails are nails. However if you have illness that effect your toes (blood circulation), possibly a check out to the podiatric doctor might likewise assist.

Question Question 19

Has Anybody Observed A Formula Modification In This Product? I’ V Gone Through About 4 Jarsand All Of An Unexpected The Consistency Is Wet Rather Of Balm Like?

The formula has not altered. This is the precise very same formula we have been producing the last 25 years.

Question Question 20

Can This Be Utilized Over Acrylics?

our company believe this product benefits natural nails. It nourishes, reinforces and softens cuticles. You might definitely use around the nail however we question the product permeates a synthetic surface area. The product is fantastic on natural nails. Results are fantastic if regularly used. Hope this helps you.??

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream with Coconut Scent Nail Strengthener, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

So our grandma informed us about this product when we were young. 20 years ago or two. We now have a dependency to it we believe. We have it beside our bed. On the coffee table. Desk at work. We use everything the time. This things works. It works well too. Our nails grow long in a few weeks and we get to choose when to cut them off. Women ask us about them all the time. How do you get such white nail pointers?. Well its due to the fact that of this. Natural french tips.:-RRB- ps. You can put this on a scar and they fade also. We do this if we get a cut on our hands. Ect and it works. You do not require much for this to be effective. 1 lasts us months. We tap each finger idea and rub it into that nail and all around it on the opposite hand. Then we round off by rubbing the left over on our knuckles.

We took our acrylic nails off and our natural nails were incredibly damaged. Thin as paper and splitting we thought of putting the acrylic back on. We utilized nail strengtheners that paint on the nails that cost $40 and still they looked bad. Attempted this product and within 7 days our nail were looking and sensation terrific and our cuticles are healthy and soft.

Remarkable. Nails tranformed. Our nails have never ever been this healthy looking and strong. Should have product. You will see lead to about a month of daily application. Our images are precisely a month apart prior to and after.

We were one who chewed off our nails all our life so never ever even had the alternatives of requiring things like this til we grew older, we have been letting our nails grow for the last 2 years and although they are what we think about strong. They required some work. We choose to attempt this product we had checked out all the other evaluations and they made it seem like it deserved while so chosen to offer it a shot. We were first amazed with the scent the coconut scent is fantastic. Second it is simple to go on no oily feel and you do not require much, so this container will last a very long time. We likewise like the truth that we didn’t need to remove our nail polish to use it, we can just use it on over it. Fantastic. Highly suggest to anybody seeking to strengthen their nails. (and yes those are our genuine nails not continue ones).

Coconut is our preferred scent, carefully connected to vanilla- and so we understood we needed to attempt this when we saw it was coconut fragrant. It’s a really moderate smell, and as soon as on your nails the smell kinda smells a little playdoh-y? however we still like it, and we hope they do not alter the scent. If it had still been cherry there’s no other way we would have attempted it lol. Anyways, we use it on our nails 1-5x a day we would state. We dip the pointers in and leave the most cream below our pointers, however likewise rub it in to the cuticles, nail beds and even all over our fingers and hands. We use these in combination with opwe nail envy original and sally hansen cuticle oil and have seen terrific results. Our nails have been thin, bendy, peely and quickly broken all our life. When we took our acrylic nails off back in february of this year they were so bad they were as thin as seran wrap. Doing anything with them harm, and they would even bleed on us from time to time. We do think the opwe nail envy has been most to thank for our nails remaining in the state they remain in now- however we likewise think hard as hoofs as played a big part also. Our preferred feature of leaving it under our nails is that it makes the pointers look whiter. We have likewise discovered our pointers appears to really take in the cream when left on enough time. Given that utilizing hard as hoofs our pointers have gotten whiter even when we do not have the cream under them. (in the image we are consisting of with this evaluation we do not have the cream under the pointers. ).

After continuously painting our nails and getting gel polish done as soon as, our nails were thin as paper, were turning white at the bottom, and the pointers were snuggling and breaking. (see image entitled “after removing polish”) we had been simply attempting to cover them up with more and more polish which didn’t fix the root of our problem nails. The first thing we did was leave our nails naked for about a month. (see image “1mo naked”) then, we attempted utilizing bliss kiss cuticle oil which was extremely hassle-free to use. We did discover a minor enhancement with the skin around our nails however very little modification with the nails itself. The nail oil ran out relatively rapidly as well after just a month. We likewise began utilizing nailtiques formula 2 plus and saw an enhancement instantly. It leaves our nails great and glossy and they certainly feel a lot stronger. (see image “one week later”) when the bliss kiss cuticle oil ran out, we chose to strive as hoof nail cream. Our nails are so strong now and as long and healthy as they have ever been. We likewise love the smell of the cream. It smells like coconut. (see image “three months later”).

We saw a distinction in less than 15 minutes; we have not even used it 2-3 times each day as defined. No, we are not being paid nor was we offered free samples to compose an evaluation. Our nails are paper thin tear simple specifically at the corner when we do our curly/kinky hair, it aways gets captured in the corners and then break, we bought 2 more containers.

Truthfully, we are 46 and have never ever had the ability to grow our nailsout When the whites begin revealing, they will divide and/ or peel. We have utilized all sorts of nail products to make them stronger and grow however absolutely nothing has assisted up until this. As far as we can inform, it’s simply cold cream. However there is something wonderful about this cold cream. We describe ourself as a hand moisturizer lover of sorts — we have attempted it all. This things works. Simply ensure you do not have polish on your nails. We have utilized it every night prior to bed for a month and coming from simply finger nubs, we can now make the clicking noise on a hard surface area and they are strong. We highly suggest.

We have extremely weak nails, have attempted numerous strengthening products, and this is the just one that really worked. For the very first time in our life we really need to submit down our nails to keep them from getting too long. It took a number of months of nighttime use, however our nails no longer divided nor peel. We utilized briefly with polish on our nails however feel that we get better results on bare nails. Enhanced the appearance of our cuticles, too. Highly suggest.

We truthfully didn’t believe it would work, however we were so disappointed with the state of our nails/cuticles (nails incredibly weak, versatile and brittle, constantly breaking and tearing, and our cuticles were a rough mess, constantly dry and cracked and bleeding, yuck) that we purchased this due to the fact that absolutely nothing else we had attempted was working (utilizing nail strengthening polish, keeping our nails interrupted, utilizing a thick hand moisturizer to attempt to keep our cuticles from drying out). We still do not comprehend at all how it works, however it does. After using as directed (on cuticles, nails and below the nail pointers) 3x a day, we saw a huge distinction after simply 1 week. Our cuticles were no longer cracked, the skin no longer tearing away, our nails stopped detaching and breaking all the time. Our nails grew much thicker and ended up being seriously strong. For the very first time in years we had the ability to grow out our nails and get a manicure that we understood would not get messed up by a damaged nail within a few days. We can even open a can of feline food without fretting about breaking our nails now lol. It took 1 month of regularly utilizing hard as hoof to see the complete results (the quantity of time it considered a considerable quantity of new nail growth), however we saw substantial enhancement after only simply 1 week. We cant comprehend how this cream works, however whatever, it completely delivers. Ready to buy our 2nd container as our first is running low.

Would you think, we used the synthetic nails for37 4 years and simply had them eliminated in may,2019 We started utilizing them due to the fact that our nails were constantly so weak, they peeled like an onion, and were constantly so brief due to the fact that the broke off all the time. They hardly ever had any “white” length on them. When we eliminated the nails, our nails were aching. It hurt to touch the bare, raw and thin ~ thin ~ thin nail. We took a painkiller for 3 days and was at the shop when we saw a bottle of this hard as hoof nail cream. We purchased it and started utilizing it whenever we thought of it. We utilized it numerous times a day for about a month and waited patiently for the nail bed to grow totally out from our cuticles. And grow it did. And we might see that the nail behind the pitiful nail bed was healthy. We are amazed at what they appear like today. Now we use the cream a minimum of two times a day, if notmore It feels so great on your nails, your nails are glossy and healthy. And it likewise smells fantastic. The skin at the end of our nails would constantly be hard and dried out (37 years. Ago) and this cream helps keep that skin soft too. We highly suggest this product and have all our gf’s connected on it now too.:–RRB- we now order from and it is provided prior to we runout Can’t state sufficient fantastic things about this product.

After about 6 months of continuously doing gel manicures, and the condition of our nails worsening and even worse each time we chose we required a break. Our nails were so weak and damaged that even striking our nails against any item would trigger them to break, not to discuss we had a lot of unsightly lines and fractures on the surface area of our nails. We required something to assist, initially we were taking a look at strengthening nail polish and suddenly this cream appeared. In the beginning we didn’t believe a cream would really work however we chose to offer it a shot. You’re not visiting complete results right now. However after 3 days we did discover an enhancement in our cuticles and the lines in our nails. After about a week 1/2 wow. Our nails are so strong and simply continue to grow and look quite. No lines, the tops are white and glossy. Provide it a shot it works.

A few weeks back, we eliminated our acrylic nails. Since the nail tech who put them on was aggressive when submitting them prior to including the acrylic, our nail plate ended up being incredibly damaged and brittle. We have been utilizing this product over lacquered nails two times a day for a week, and we can feel just how much less lightweight they have ended up being because brief time period. We are genuinely amazed.

We have been biting our nails for several years and whenever we handle to grow them out, we need to fight the first few “rounds” of damage, our nails divided or break for a while which usually leads to us going back to bite them continuously. This product has assisted us grow out our nails with very little breakage-mostly self caused. Our nails are remarkably strong considering their normal abuse. We are getting our mommy this for mom’s day due to the fact that we understand she’ll love it too. We love the coconut smell, it’s not frustrating however it is certainly there and it sticks around ideal. Do not put it on your nails right before you eat-it does taste disgusting (believe bitter like nail polish remover however not so bad) it’s not oily, and it takes in right in.

Ok, possibly we are insane, however we began utilizing this a few days back, just as soon as a day since that is all we can keep in mind, and our nails have done a 180 degree turn-around. We have a serious distressing brain injury, and our nails have ended up being even more thin and “peely” than prior to our fall in feb2016 We have constantly had bad nails – we have a hypothyroid, which didn’t assist. Then, we utilized acrylic nails for lots of, several years. We found this by mishap searching for simply something that may assist, and we are amazed. Our thumbs are hard as nails, the ends of our nails are removing or ending up being rough, and we are not utilizing any other products on them. We attempted a few “protein” polishes, however the minute we took the polish off, they began peeling and tearing again. We are going to continue to use it and we suggest it highly. We are not paid to compose this, and honestly, we do not compose evaluations. We believe this might be just our first or 2nd one for any product.

We have had brittle, peeling nails that never ever grew and would break over anything. We attempted taking vitamins and likewise stopped utilizing gel polish and so on. And even attempted polish hardeners. We simply discovered to accept that we would constantly have boylike brief and brittle nails. We then attempted nail protein which type of assisted, some weeks we would have no breaks others they would return to peeling and breaking. We saw the examines on this and was super doubtful. The evaluations on our nail protein polishes were terrific however they didn’t do much. After taking a look at this cream for weeks and weeks. We chose to buy it. Best choice we have ever provided for our nails. It made our nails strong and health, they do not peel any longer and do not splinter at the sides. They have grown to the longest we have ever had our nails in our life. They would never ever have grown this long without breaking. Remember we are extremely active mommy, we clean, prepare, and wash our hands a million times a day. We use the cream and rub for a few seconds on each nail as soon as a day everyday and it altered our nails totally. We believe it would be even more effective if done over night when you aren’t cleaning or moistening your hands. We will permanently use this on our nails and lastly take pleasure in having girly longer nails. First image: after a few utilizes, this was as long as our nails would ever grow prior to a few of them would begin to splinter and break. 2nd image: after an excellent strong month of utilized, utilizing the cream once a day 4-5 times a week.

This is a new product for us. Our nails were seriously damaged by utilizing nail salon acrylics. After a few months of using them, we found out we are reactive to the chemicals that triggered a liquifying of our nails under the acrylics. Extremely unpleasant and our nails continued to shred, even after the acrylics were eliminated. This is the just product (and we attempted lots of) that stopped that shredding which enabled our nails to grow. No more discomfort. We love this product.

In the past few weeks our nails have been trashed. We have been dealing with renovating our cooking area * sanding, scrubbing, dealing with mineral spirits and paint stripper * although we use gloves, our nails were still completely trashed. We chose to buy this and opwe nail strengthener simply to get our hands looking human again. We will state, the opwe nail strengthener is excellent, however you can see our evaluation for that when you scroll to that product. When it concerns our cuticles and getting our hands great and soft. This product is it. We love it, it smells great and now we use to our hands 3 times a day however you can do it as soon as in the early morning and as soon as prior to bed. We love it. Once it runs out, ill be purchasing it again:-RRB- ps- a bit goes a long method sooo there’s that.

We want we might offer this more stars. It s the most fantastic thing ever. The majority of the things we did our research on was supplements that made your hair grow also. And sis we require no more hair. Hair wasn t our problem. Our nails were, our nails were paper thin, they will even flex. On our desperation on not feeling that we began doing powder dip, which offers you the sensation that they re hard and thick (although is simply the powder). Anyways, it ended up being extremely costly and we would flinch whenever our nail tech utilized their little machine due to the fact that we might feel it on our bad fragile nail. Took a break and attempted utilizing nail polish treatments to make them grow and hard, however it didn’t worked, any of them, simply a waste of cash. Then we encountered this, and first thing first it smells fantastic. Like coconut x1000, the consistency is practically like a thick body lotion, so it really remains on your nails. We even take it to work due to the fact that we are health service provider so whenever we wereh our hands we use the little extra on our hands. To make story brief we have utilized this thing for just a week. We sanctuary t found anything bad up until now. Took some photos, however is not letting us upload. However sure we will upgrade the more we use this product and take weekly photos. We love this.

We have attempted lots of nail strengtheners, this appears the best. Some strengtheners really dry your nails, this appears to hydrate your nails. We can inform a distinction from utilizing this container and our container is practically gone. Our nails are much harder/stronger and growing effectively. We never ever had hard/strong nails, they have constantly been extremely soft and bendy. Our nails aren’t any longer. If we have been utilizing this for a little over a month every day and 3x a day. We will continue to use this and we love the scent. It is sort of strong however it’s not that bad and we personally do not like those phony coconut fragrances however this one smells respectable.

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