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NEOMEN Fungus Treatment Pen - Fungus Stop Pen - Toenail and Nail Repair Pen

NEOMEN Fungus Treatment Pen – Fungus Stop Pen – Toenail and Nail Repair Pen

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NEOMEN Fungus Treatment Pen – Fungus Stop Pen – Toenail and Nail Repair Pen.

  • Natural Component: Made from natural components which can minimize infection, permeate the skin to repair tarnished and damaged nails, while relaxing and a eviating extreme itching and burning.
  • Effective Treatment: It can not just make the fragile nails end up being strong, however likewise helps to remove the damaged layers and restore healthy nail appearance.
  • Easy To Use: Easy to use with a brush applicator that helps use the clear liquid onto the impacted locations, which can speed up the healthy growth of nails to make it smooth, ruddy, shiny.
  • Safe and Mild: Neomen natural toenail and nail repair pen can fight against tarnished and damaged nails powerfu y with no pain or discomfort, as the formula is mild for the nails and skin.
  • Service Warranty Service: If there is any problems with our toenail and nail repair pen or service for any factor, do not be reluctant to call us. We value customer fulfillment above a else.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NEOMEN Fungus Treatment Pen – Fungus Stop Pen – Toenail and Nail Repair Pen.
Neomen Toenail and Nail Repair Pen, Toenail and Nail Care Solution On the one hand, the Toenail and Nail Repair Pen can assist to combat tarnished and damaged nails and make the nails to end up being smooth and restore. On the other hand, the nail repair pen can make the fragile nails to end up being strong and restore healthy nailappearance Warns: Please do skin test prior to use. This product is just for external use. Please do not use on hurt or cracked skin. Please keep it securely closed when not in use. Please keep your hands and feet clean and dry. This product is not suitable for kids and pregnant women. How to Use: Clean and dry your nail. Take the product and unscrew the cover on the end of the brush head, turn the other end of the barrel. Apply the proper quantity of product to the contaminated location up until dried for 30 minutes. Bundle Consists Of: 4 * Toenail and Nail Repair Pen

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NEOMEN Fungus Treatment Pen – Fungus Stop Pen – Toenail and Nail Repair Pen.

Question Question 1

Can We Use It Over Nail Polish?

we would not believe that it would be affective unless it was used directly to the nail & skin instantly surrounding it.

Question Question 2

Is This Made In The Usa?

Don t believe so and not exactly sure where it is made. It works excellent.

Question Question 3

How Long Does It Take Prior To You See Results?

4- 6 weeks.we lastly have a swath of clear down the middle of our toenail.and its had to do with 5 weeks of dealing with.

Question Question 4

Our Fungus Is Substantial, They Hardly Appear Like Toenails Any Longer, Has Anybody Had Excellent Results When Nails Are That Bad?

Nope, and mine weren t that bad

Question Question 5

Do You Required To Remove Nail Polish Prior To Use?

You would wish to remove any polish as you are using the pen over the entire nail and you do not desire any barriers like polish to prevent the results

Question Question 6

Should The Liquid Inside Be Light Purple And Smell Like Grape?

The liquid within is a light purple nevertheless the smell is extremely faint and we wear t smell grape

Question Question 7

Can We Ship This Product Globally?

we do not understand?

Question Question 8

What Are The Ingredients?We Can’T Seem To Find Them Here.?

Chitosan is the typical active ingredient in these pens.

Question Question 9

Do We Required To Loosen The Top And Pour The Liquid Onto The Impacted Nail Or Simply Brush?

You turn the top part of the applicator up until the liquid reaches the brush.Then you brush the liquid under and onto the nail.

Question Question 10

The Recommendations Indicate To Use, Let Dry, And Use 3 More Times, And Do This 3 Times A Day For 1 To 2 Weeks. So 12 Applications A Day?

we have our pen with all of us the type and put it on our nails the entire day, most likely more than 12 times.we do not believe you are going to have any overdoses issue.The product works. You are visiting the distinction in a few days however you require continuous application.

Question Question 11

We Have One Toenail That Was Rather Bad & As We Use Your Product The Nail Keeps PeelingOff Is This Regular? How Long Do We Use Your Product?

we can t inform you if the nail peeling is typical. Mine are refraining from doing that. we utilized the product on the nails up until they grew out totally and you might see it was gone.

Question Question 12

Can You Use Brush With Shellac On Toes?

If you have contaminated nails it’s not recommended to use any kind of polish on the nails. You will pollute your healthy nails along with your shellac bottle. It’s better to use it on natural nails so the product can permeate nail bedbetter Hope this helps??

Question Question 13

Can You Use Pen Brush More Than When?

You can use it for weeks

Question Question 14

Does Each Pen Have 3Ml? Each Bundle Has 4 Pens? Overall 12 Ml? How Long Would 12 Ml Last? Thanks.?

each pen has 3ml. depending upon how frequently you use it one pen lasts a few weeks.

Question Question 15

Do You Need To Twist For Some Time At First To Get The Brush Wet?

You need to twist all the air out so simply put the brush up and twist up until you see it damp. Then with every twist more treatment must be coming out so you can use.

Question Question 16

The Number Of Applications Per Load?

4 pens per plan each pen helpful for weeks

Question Question 17

Is This Product Clear Or Yellow?

This product is clear

Question Question 18

When Using 3 Times Daily For 1- 2 Weeks. For 2Nd & 3Rd Time For The Day, Do You Required To Wash And Dry The Nail Again Or Can We Simply Keep Using?

Best would be to clean the nail first each time

Question Question 19

What Is The Active Component For This Nail Repair Pen?

we believe it is the Hydroxy benzoic acid

Question Question 20

Do Foot Peels Alter The Efficiency Of The Product If Both Utilized At The Very Same Time?

It is for nail fungus, for us it did not work.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on NEOMEN Fungus Treatment Pen – Fungus Stop Pen – Toenail and Nail Repair Pen, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We , like this treatment. We have been having problem with our nails for numerous years and practically quit on doing anything except having them got rid of. We chose to attempt this because, for the rate, we had little to lose. It’s not a perfect product, and took a while to work due to the fact that we kept going extended periods without keeping in mind to use it frequently,. At first we purchased an excellent cuticle trimmer and utilized it to shave down the thickened nail up until it was a sensible density. We scored our nails once in awhile and worked the edges to make certain they would grow out usually and not end up being ingrown any longer. We are persuaded that these actions are what assisted the treatment to work, due to the fact that we saw results taking place at a much quicker speed as soon as we got a little rough with the nails themselves. We began seeing healthy clear nail growing in a few months after being thorough, and now, they are even and usually colored with the normal white suggestions. We are certainly happy for this one.

We have had a fungal infection on a single finger nail for several years, it comes and goes however we have never ever handled to get rid of it alltogether. We weren’t anticipating much from this product. It costs way less than the normal things you can get from the high street chemists. Nevertheless, having attempted various other solutions at far greater rates and with definitely no results, we chose to provide it a shot. However. What a magic. We were amazed. We didn’t feel any ‘hot feeling’ at all and after simply a few days began to see some enhancement. We could not think it initially and believed it may simply be a technique of the light using the surface area of a well oiled nail. This nevertheless was not the case. Where all others have stopped working, this antifungal pencil has done the technique. This has handled to make a big distinction to a toenail infection that has withstood whatever else, consisting of recommended antifungals. We did not experience any of the burning. We will continue to use it for a few weeks after the nail is clear. We can 110% state that our toe fungus is totally gone. Our nail is totally yellow free and grew back with no issues. Thanks for this product.

Our partner had bad toe nail fungus, like for a very long time and he s never ever done anything about it. So we have a methods to go however they look better by the week. He s been utilizing it for a month and a half and you can now see healthy nail growing at the base of his nails.

Utilized this product for a couple month. The nail with light infection is muchbetter Required more time on the even worse neils.

As you can see our nail is clear now. It had been black and green.:( it takes a few weeks however it works.

The very best product we ever use.

Incredible product. It helps a lot in simply a couple weeks our toe nail looks much better.

We simply began utilizing it, however it looks like we are seeing improvment.

Up until now so excellent.

Terrific product.

For near to a years if not more, we had one nail that was awful, to state the lease. We might not get the fungus to disappear with anything. Our doctor stated we would require to see a professional and most likely would require some kind of treatment if we desired it remedied. Then we enjoyable neomen. After 4 months of daily use, we have our nail growing back. We are still not 100%, however our company believe that with time it will arrive. We want that we had a photo of how our nail utilized to look. What it appears like today is much, muchbetter If you have been dealing with nail fungus for at some point, provide this a shot, however bear in mind that you need to use it 2- 3 times a day. That is the secret, otherwise your results might differ. It be prepare to do this for lots of months. Nevertheless, in the end, you must enjoy with the results.

We took some time to examine this due to the fact that we require the essential time to see if this fungus nail solution effective. And we need to state. Mwe extremely extremely delighted. The treatment came with guidelines. Please follow them to reach the best result as you anticipated. We have a stained nail on our toe for several years and simply believed it would growout Nevertheless, after googling a few nail conditions we understood we had a fungal nail and attempted all sorts of things purchased over the counter and some natural home remedy. We held back purchasing this antwe fungal nail one as it was rather costly however it has deserved it up until now, we simply want we had purchased it earlier. We have been utilizing it for nearly 3 months and we can see the new nail coming through day by day. Its like a perfect line in between the yellowy nail and the new fresh nail can be found in. At this rate, our entire nail needs to be excellent as new in the next 3- 4 months if we keep utilizing the treatment. If you’re disputing whether to buy it, simply take the plunge and go all out.

Up until now so excellent nail appears to healing. Really simple to use simply leave by your bedside and polish a few times a day, simple to bear in mind to use.

Beginning to look better after just a few weeks. We have been dealing with this for over a year with very little success. Thank you for this product.

Needs to have taken an in the past pic. This things is remarkable. Our toes. Particularly our huge toes, were brown. After 3 applications they’re nearly typical toes. Applicator is excellent and simple.

We had been attempting to eliminate a toenail fungus for 3 years when we found nail repair pens. We have attempted 3 various brand names and these are certainly the best. The factors we choose this brand name are: 1- it goes on clearer. It s much easier to monitor your development and we wear t have a cool colored toenail. 2- it gives quickly and efficiently. Much better than the other brand names. 3- the rate is great. Our toenail is nearly completely grown out now, simply a bit more to go. We are extremely happy we attempted these pens.

We want that we had taken prior to pictures. We have been utilizing this product for about 4 months and it has enhanced our nails. We had thickening, discoloration, lifting and basic indications of fungus. We put this things on in the early morning, prior to bed and any other time that it strikes me. We keep them in our nightstand, our dressing table and in the end table in the living room so we constantly have one convenient and when our feet are most likely to be bare. We have seen that our nails are no longer thick and raising an the discoloration has significantly enhanced. We acquired a 2nd set just recently to make sure that the problems are completely gone, we may too considering that we are currently in the practice of doing it. We do not anticipate to require a 3rd set after this as our nails are looking excellent. We kept our nails unpolished for the period on the treatment however we likewise reside in winter season country so it is not like our feet are exposed much this time of year. This has been a terrific financial investment of time, cash and effort. Get this things so your feet can be quite for summertime.

We have utilized a really costly fungus remover in the past (from the skin specialist), another pen type, and this one. These pens worked the like the one we acquired from the skin specialist. You require to submit your toenail thin with either so it can better get to the fungus. Since we captured it early this time, it is nearly cleaned up and we have just been utilizing it for 3 weeks. It comes with multwe pens, so we left one in our restroom to use it in the early morning, brought one with us so if we were out driving around and using flip- flops we might use it in the cars and truck, and one in our den so if we were doing things on the computer system, we would keep in mind to use it again. Yiuso we left one in our restroom to use it in the early morning, brought one with us so if we were out driving around and using flip- flops we might use it in the cars and truck, and one in our den so if we were doing things on the computer system, we would keep in mind to use it again. Wish to use it 3- 4 times a day.

“this is the best by far for, me anyway. They have a money back guarantee (we think) if you don’t see results in 6 weeks. We bought this product sever months ago and saw results. We went to purchase more and it was no longer available on the link we had in our orders file. Did a search and found it. Ordered three packs this time and couldn’t be happier. Price is right compared to all similar products and this one works. Thanks. “

Our 2 huge toes constantly have a problem with under the nail. We get routine pedicures considering that we have ingrown problems on those exact same toes. As soon as we began utilizing this product which we brush around toenail and under toenail the salon discovered a distinction in how it is a lot easier to clean out under the nail. Now the nails are clear and look healthy. We likewise utilized it on our finger nails after having acrylic gel nails done and our natural nail began looking bruised. It cleared it up quickly and now we do powder dip nails which is much better.

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