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How To Kill Nail Fungus?

How To Kill Nail Fungus

How to kill nail fungus is a question that is probably bugging you at the moment because nothing seems to work. It is especially annoying during the warmer months when you want to go to the beach and wear shoes that expose your feet and toes.

The first step in getting rid of toenail fungus is to avoid it. Yes, you might be thinking that I already have it so what’s the point of that bit of advice. The point is that toenail fungus can be highly contagious and many people can contract the fungus over and over again because they keep putting themselves in contact with contaminated surfaces like gym floors, showers, swimming pool decks, and unclean shoes.

The fungus can live for months on any number of surfaces so it does not serve you well to begin treatment and then expose yourself to these danger areas.

1. Keep your feet clean and dry. You might wash your feet with some type of antibacterial soap.

2. Use an antibacterial powder or spray to help your feet to remain dry throughout the day.

3. Rotate your shoes and allow them to air out between uses.

4. Limit your exposure to possible danger areas like gyms, showers, etc. Wear shower shoes.

5. Do not share shoes with other people including family members.

6. Ensure that you have toenail fungus and not some other skin problem like eczema.

7. Don’t use wild remedies like bleach, ammonia, or herbal plant killer to eliminate your fungus.

8. Use an over the counter cream/spray or natural solutions like Zeta Clear liquid.

9. Consult your doctor if fungus persists for possible prescription recommendations or other options.

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