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How To Cure Nail Fungus At Home?

How To Cure Nail Fungus At Home

Nail fungus can be stubborn and not respond to treatment. Meanwhile it leaves embarrassingly broken nails with funny colours. At times, even the pharmaceutical products may not just respond as expected. Besides some reported failures in responding to treatment, the pharmaceutical products may too expensive and leaves a lot more of the non-biodegradable products.

Before we look at some of the most popular natural products, let us look at the reasons why you should prefer the use of natural homemade products as compared to the conventional pharmaceutical products. It is easier than you think when it comes to figuring out how to cure nail fungus at home.

You just need to follow simple step by step directions, and the cost is much cheaper than buying expensive products that might cause side effects as they contain chemicals. Natural nail fungus cure at home is much better for you because they contain natural ingredients.

One of the obvious reasons is the fact that the natural products are 100% biodegradable. This means that even when you swallow the pills, there are minimal side effects. This is because the body has enzymes that would be able digesting even the non medicinal components of the products. This is important because it helps in protecting the liver and kidney from toxins.

Besides the biodegradability and reduced toxicity, the use of natural products at home makes it cheaper and more accessible. You do not have to spend money revisiting the doctors or pharmacists. Enrol today and experience the freedom that comes with using natural homemade nail fungus treatment.

Leucatin is one of the natural products nail fungus treatment that is very popular. Though a natural product, its ability to stop the fungus growth has been proven scientifically and therefore made into preparations that can be bought from pharmacy. It comes as either capsules or topical cream that can be applied on the nails.

You can actual make a preparation of leucatin from the known natural ingredients. These are all plant based products that can also be included as food spices.

The oral leucatin treatment has in it products such as Ginger roots, St. John Wort, Echinacea Purpurea Tops and bromlain. These can be mixed and crushed at home. You can then prepare this as herbal concoction and take in warm water. A very hot water would not be good because it can lead to vaporization of the essential oils.

The topical application of leucatin can also be prepared using a concoction of the natural oil products. This will include almond oil, ginseng roots, neem oil, and tea tree oil among others. These must be dissolved in natural solvents such as the plant oils. Because most of these products have antibacterial and antifungal properties they would not need to have a synthetic preservatives added to it.

Another preparation that you can make at home is apple cider vinegar. You can also use hydrogen peroxide on the broken toenails to stop any further developments. These are available kitchen products that would not be too expensive to buy.

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