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How To Avoid Nail Fungus?

One of the ideal ways of avoiding nail fungus infections is by knowing some of the conditions that cause them and then doing your best to avoid them.

Poor hygiene is the number one predisposing factor in the development of a fungal nail infection. It is characterized by not keeping the nails adequately clean. It is important to trim your nails and of course keep them clean.

Nail Fungus PrescriptionAnother cause of a nail fungus is wearing dirty and sweaty shoes which results in a moist environment surrounding the nails. This gives the fungus a perfect place to thrive and multiply thereby providing the perfect environment for the fungus to multiply and infect the nails.

Frequently injuries to the nail and its bed precipitate the development of a nail fungus. Injuries to the nails can expose them to fungus which penetrates and inhabit the openings created by the trauma. The trauma to the nails is commonly caused by accidents such as slamming the door on a nail or being hit by something that does not create an open wound. The traumatized nail usually has associated dead cells which can cause health risks and also provides an ideal environment for the fungus to thrive.

If you perspire heavily you will be more prone to fungal infections due to the fact the perspiration creates a warm and moist environment.

Individuals with a history of diabetes and the associated circulation problems will be predisposed to nail infections. In addition any medical problem which weakens your immune system will also predispose you to these types of infections. Thus it is very important to address any other medical conditions you might have and in the case of diabetes, keep your blood sugars under control.

Wearing shoes that are tight, causing crowding of your toes can lead to a nail fungus. Add to this wearing thick socks that provide minimal ventilation and you have the recipe for a nail problem.

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