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Gena Healthy Hoof Cream Complete Cuticle and Nail Care

Gena Healthy Hoof Cream Complete Cuticle and Nail Care

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Gena Healthy Hoof Cream Complete Cuticle and Nail Care.

  • Be certain this matches by getting into your mannequin quantity.
  • HEALS CHAPPED, DRY, CRACKED HANDS AND FEET: Gena is devoted to producing high quality nail care products, and this hoof cream sums it up. Gena Healthy Hoof Cream successfully hydrates and treats dry, cracked arms and toes so that you wi take pleasure in softer arms and pinkish toes even after a the work that you just ve performed. You wi love the really feel and the remaining appearance of your pores and skin. Therapeutic massage the protein therapy into your arms and toes twice a day to really feel the magic occur.
  • POWERED BY CASTOR OIL, MOISTURIZES SKIN AND NAILS: Origina y developed to successfully restore of hardworking nails. Mixed benefits of Castor Oil, Lanolin and Aloe Vera moisturizes the arms and cuticles to assist forestall cracked arms and painful hangnails. Gena Healthy Hoof Cream amazingly repairs severely worn nails and cuticles, too. Step into easy with the world-renowned Healthy Hoof and expertise unmatched conditioning remedy for nails, arms, and toes.
  • STRENGTHENS NAILS AND CUTICLES: Comprises Soybean which has high protein content material and antioxidants to assist restore and strengthen nails. This therapy cream successfully heal chipping cuticles and restore its former glory for healthier-looking nails. It varieties a barrier on the pores and skin and made to reverse the injury, conditioning nails, and cuticles. You’ll be able to take pleasure in utilizing acrylic nails whereas caring for your pure nails. Be assured that cuticles and nails are conditioned and strengthened all the time.
  • NOURISHING CUTICLE AND NAIL CARE, RICH SILKY FEEL: Gena Healthy Hoof Cream is the miracle remedy to pamper your drained arms, toes, cuticles, and nails. Gently therapeutic massage it on the desired space to see it rapidly take up with out feeling greasy whereas protecting your pores and skin and nail fibers secure from environmental injury and have that silky really feel too. Preserve utilizing it to keep up the suppleness. Dryness is handled, and excellent pores and skin is restored.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Gena Healthy Hoof Cream Complete Cuticle and Nail Care.
Color:Fundamental The Gena Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment has been confirmed for years to situation and strengthen nails, and moisturize and situation cuticles. Whereas some individuals typically get manicure or pedicure, they seldom take into consideration caring for his or her cuticles. Unknown to many, cuticles must be comfortable and pliable and not caught to the nail so it might forestall the entry of micro organism, viruses and fungi to the nail plate. Cuticles must be wholesome and intact. An excessive amount of slicing of the cuticles wi consequence from it rising again drier, rougher and tougher. Dry cuticles doesn’t solely smash the look of a manicure, it might additionally trigger cling nails or worse an infection to the nails. Common use of the Gena Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment wi not solely moisturize, situation and soothe your cuticles, it might additionally assist heal dry cracked arms or toes and additionally assist strengthen the cuticles and the nails. It’s a full look after the arms, toes, nails and cuticles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Gena Healthy Hoof Cream Complete Cuticle and Nail Care.

Question Question 1

We Simply Wished To Make Positive This Are 4Oz For 4.50 ?


Question Question 2

What Are The Elements?

When you have a look at different postings.like the add-on it can present the components list.

Question Question 3

What Are The Elements In This Product Please?

Elements: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Soybean Oil, Lanolin, HydrogenatedCotton Seed Glyceride, Bees Wax, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Vera, Cetyl Alcohol,Triethanolamine, Rosemary Oil, Dimethicone, Lavender Oil, Methylparaben,Propylparaben, Hydrolyzed Protein, Allantoin, Castor Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, FD#CYellow Elements: Deionized Water, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Soybean Oil, Lanolin, HydrogenatedCotton Seed Glyceride, Bees Wax, Polysorbate 20, Aloe Vera, Cetyl Alcohol,Triethanolamine, Rosemary Oil, Dimethicone, Lavender Oil, Methylparaben,Propylparaben, Hydrolyzed Protein, Allantoin, Castor Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, FD#CYellow #5, FD&C Yellow #6.

Question Question 4

Can You Use This With Cuticle Oil?

we use it as a substitute of cuticle oil, although we suspect you might use each.we’ve got found this as efficient as cuticle oil.we all the time use it earlier than we placed on our gardening gloves, not simply on our nails and cuticles, however on our whole hand, and we’ve got found our arms aren’t as ‘beat up’ as they normally get.

Question Question 5

Is This 4Oz As Said In The Description ?The Jar Says 1Oz?

we purchased it Might 7, 2015, at an add-on worth of $7.86. has this particular itemizing tagged for us as “you bought this May 7, 2015”.Mine was certainly a Four ouncesjar. we use it to refill smaller 1 ouncesjars that we maintain right here and there round the home.we do like this product the better of the three dozen or more nail/cuticle c we purchased it Might 7, 2015, at an add-on worth of $7.86. has this particular itemizing tagged for us as “you bought this May 7, 2015”.Mine was certainly a Four ouncesjar. we use it to refill smaller 1 ouncesjars that we maintain right here and there round the home.we do like this product the better of the three dozen or more nail/cuticle lotions and oils we’ve got used throughout 40+ yrs of our maturity. customer support is great, in our expertise. Make sure you contact them in the event you encounter an issue. They may make it best for you.

Question Question 6

Has Anybody Tried It In Their Hair?

we’ve got used a little bit bit on the ends of our hair for moisture and it labored fairly good.we’ve got by no means tried styling with it,although.

Question Question 7

Can We Use This As A Hand Cream?

No. However. we put it on our cuticles at night time and then put hand cream over it.

Question Question 8

Is The Soybean Gmo In The Elements?

Soybean oil doesn’t say gmo

Question Question 9

Can We Use This Over Polish?

Undecided this HH is manner too Greese beneath Polish Nail. our recomendetion is to use on clear Nails.we simply bought this Healthy Hoof on Sale for $1.00 / or some other retail shops $6-$7/ hope it assist our weak Nails. Texture of this HH is like Vaseline. Do not see huge diffence.

Question Question 10

No “Protein” In The Ingrediants Record On Jar We Recieved, What? Completely different Ingrediants Than Listed In Discription. Anybody Else?

Maybe we acquired a container after an replace to the components list, however mine lists hydrolyzed wheat protein as an ingredient.

Question Question 11

How Large Is The Container?

we predict it is available in totally different sizes. we buy the 4oz dimension and it lasts us about 6 weeks with 1-2 makes use of/day. the precise container is about 2 half of” high and about 2 3/4″ throughout.

Question Question 12

Is This For Horses ?

No. we’ve got been utilizing this product for years. we put it on our cuticles every night time and let it work in a single day. Possibly it’s used on horses , who is aware of. However this products is bought for the intention for use by people.

Question Question 13

Is There Lanolin In This? Thanks?

Sure this product does include Lanolin. Sure this product does include Lanolin. Hope this information helps.Premiere Salon and Nail Provide

Question Question 14

Lanolin Is Animal Derived – It Is Extracted From Wool. Why Are You Saying That There Are No Animal Derived Products?

As a result of it s derived from sheared wool. No Animal is harmed

Question Question 15

Can You Put on Nail Polish And Nonetheless Use This Product?

we’d put the product on you arms and/or toes after you polish.we get pedi’s and we’ve got acrylics on our arms and there was no downside with the polish.we would not put it on earlier than polish.Any hand cream in your nails would inhibit the polish from adhering to your nails.we love the product.our 94 yr previous Mo we’d put the product on you arms and/or toes after you polish.we get pedi’s and we’ve got acrylics on our arms and there was no downside with the polish.we would not put it on earlier than polish.Any hand cream in your nails would inhibit the polish from adhering to your nails.we love the product.our 94 yr previous Mother makes use of it and a pal has a grandson with pores and skin issues and it’s nice for him.Hope this helps.

Question Question 16

Is This The Gumour, Waxy Model Or Is This The Creaour Lotion One?

That is thicker than lotion.we do not discover it gumour or waxy.we suppose that’s the reason it really works so nicely.

Question Question 17

Descriptions Says “4 Ounce” Image Reveals “1 Ounce”, Which Is Right?

The one bought by bebeautiful is a Four oz.

Question Question 18

How Can You Say “Cruelty Free” If It Comprises Lanolin Which Comes From Sheep And Beeswax That Comes From Bees? Have You Learn About Mulesing?

Lanolin is made from sheep wool, and how is it merciless to sheer sheep or use beeswax? we don t know what mulesing is.?

Question Question 19

What’S The Distinction Between This Product And “Healthy Hoof 1Oz”?

It seems to us it’s similar product in 2 sizes. The labels on the 1 ouncesvs. Four ouncesappears the similar – “intensive protein treatment” with the similar emblem & wording. we’ve got solely used the Four oz & adore it for dry cuticles. Utilizing a small quantity of the wealthy cream on our nails & cuticles depart nails in 5 star situation.

Question Question 20

Can You Use This As An General Skin Cream?

we don’t use it as a pores and skin creamand am undecided how it could work as such.we apply it to our fingernails to maintain the moisture in.

Our Insights:

See our insights (primarily based on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or primarily based on some research work) on Gena Healthy Hoof Cream Complete Cuticle and Nail Care, these could be helpful for better understanding.

You realize. We learn these critiques and thought, the worth isn’t high so we’ll strive it. The distinction in our nails and cuticles is wonderful. Allow us to say our nails will not be brittle or skinny, we do not use acrylics however as a substitute strive our hardest to maintain them wholesome, drink water, eat nicely and take every day dietary supplements together with folic acid and biotin. Recently although, our nails have been bending and breaking at the corners (we file and put on them sq.). With all these modifications in our physique lately, we figured, we’d struggle this good “getting older” shock. Nevertheless, after a few week or two of utilizing this on our nails and cuticles the distinction is pronounced. Our nails have grow to be very sturdy and wholesome. Our cuticles look lovely, no cling nails or dryness. We’re completely impressed with this product and the ease and comfort of use. We suggest it to everybody and no we did not get something without cost or at a reduction. We’re actual on a regular basis shopper, residing in the nice cold-muggy-rainy lands of va/dc (born & raised in ca). We’re not considered one of these skilled “comment writers” that appear to have invaded and corrupted the complete buyer suggestions system and ruined the intent and function behind it . :). Sorry off our cleaning soap field. Simply so irritating. Backside line, strive it. You’ll not be disillusioned as a result of the product does what it says it can do.

We put it in an empty chapstick to maintain it useful. Works nice for meting out only a small dab.

These items is wondrous. We’ve got been utilizing just for per week or so and we will not imagine we’re already seeing outcomes. We have been very skeptical, pondering one more “miracle product” that will not do a lot for us however the worth was proper so we thought what the heck we’ll strive it and if something we’d use as a hand/toes cream. However to our shock, this can be a miracle cream that truly works. We’ve got very weak, pressured nails by having acrylic nails for years. Each time we’d attempt to take acrylics off we have been unable to develop our personal nails. They’d be so skinny and peel to no finish and would solely get too brief that might merely damage. This cream in only a week has strengthened our nails past what we might ever hope for. We’ve got been utilizing few instances throughout a day and earlier than going to mattress. We observed that it really works manner better when we’ve got nothing else on our nails (like different products or nail polish), this fashion the cream has direct contact with our nails. Additionally it is very good hand cream as it’s not greasy in any respect and a little bit little bit of it goes a great distance with a really gentle botanic smell. Replace: we’ve got added photos to point out a 1-month consequence. Moreover, our nails not simply “recovered” and look wholesome however they’ve strengthened, we really by no means had sturdy nails so that is completely new to us and we adore it.

We have been hopeful, however skeptical, however this product has exceeded our expectation. For not less than 10 years, throughout winter, the ends of our fingernails would cut up or break. We thought it could be diminished vitamin d, so we supplemented with no success. We took “hair & fingernail” dietary supplements – once more, no success. After the first use of hoof cream, we’d swear that we might see some sort of “difference” in our nails, however determined it was our creativeness. However now, for the first time in a few years we’ve not had the splitting/breaking downside, besides one small cut up on the fingernail that’s all the time the weakest, and that was as a result of the product works so nicely we had begun to neglect to make use of it every day, or not less than each couple of days. Highly really useful for the downside we’ve got described.

These items is wonderful. We’ve got been utilizing it twice a day for a month. It has strengthened our nails past what we might ever hope for. We’ve got all the time had weak skinny nails that peel. Now not. We additionally had a case of hand eczema from frequent hand washing that we’ve got tried to do away with for the final yr, with no luck. It’s now fully gone. The perfect half is what it has performed for our toes. After a summer season of sandals it has helped us do away with the tough patches, calluses and cracks that have been starting to type. Additionally the scent isn’t overpowering or medicinal in any respect. That is the greatest stuff ever, particularly for the worth.

Purchased this alongside with some other merchandise claiming to enhance the situation of our nails. Thus far it is the greatest product we’ve got used. Nails have been peeling very dangerous in addition to chipping. Utilizing this cream we’ve got not had these issues in a month and our nails look more healthy particularly in the cuticle space. The salon proprietor when getting a manicure observed the enchancment immediately and was impressed. We’ve got very dry toes and this has eradicated that downside. Nice worth and product, positively the greatest we’ve got used. Highly suggest.

Once we first found the components on this product, we have been informed its virtues have been ‘found’ when somebody observed that the product utilized by secure staff to therapeutic massage horse hooves after a exercise or a re-shoeing had very terribly sturdy finger nails. We do not care if the story is true, as a result of these things works. We had not been utilizing gloves for dishwashing or for fast gardening duties, and our fingernails have been suffering–lots of peeling, cracking, and so on. We’ve got been making use of wholesome hoof for a few months now, and we discover the difference–where earlier than we might put a fingernail right into a crease in a nail, and peel off the layer like that of an onion, now they’ve disappeared. Different manufacturers can be found, however they provide solely small jars of these things. Gena labs began making this dimension, and we’re in heaven. Our routine is to placed on a layer of sturdy topcoat (clear polish), watch for our arms to dry, then therapeutic massage our fingernails for a few minutes with the space. Then, we cowl our arms with disposable kitchen gloves for an hour or so, to make certain it’s absorbed. We exchange the high coat about as soon as per week, however use the cream twice a day, not all the time with gloves. When you have this downside (particularly throughout the very lengthy being pregnant, submit being pregnant or post-menopausal intervals of life) these things is for you. You will not remorse it. We’ll submit an image of our nails after we get an expert manicure.

We’ve got been admiring different girls with lengthy pretend nails and wished that our nails would develop and be sturdy. The previous few years our nails have been splitting and pilling with ridges in our nail mattress additionally. We’ve got been looking for a really very long time for one thing to assist our nails. We’ve got tried quite a few polishes however, by no means a cream. Month in the past we thought to strive for the final time and this cream popped up once more. By the manner we’ve got all the time would cross by this cream. Long story brief we mentioned what the heck we’ll strive it. We completely love this product. We’ve got lengthy onerous moisturized nails lastly after years. We’re super happy with the worth. And getting acrylic or gel pretend nails isn’t an choice anymore. Thanks so very a lot for this product. ??.

Been utilizing a special product for years that’s bought at retail shops, nevertheless, since they modified their components it now not works as nicely. Neither did some others we’ve got tried since. Took an opportunity on this product and adore it thus far. Used it for the first time yesterday and this morning our cuticles are nonetheless comfortable. With all the others they have been dry once more inside solely hours of utilizing it. We’ll use it every day as really useful and hope it continues to carry out with out making our nails too comfortable. (onerous to get on simply the cuticles so we use the sort of product for our dry nails that cut up and crack too).

Okay, story time. This yr in january we began getting a bizarre trying factor beneath our nails. It turned out to be a nasty nail fungus that we contracted from some nail salon the place we bought a gel manicure (they most likely did not correctly clear the instruments between clients). The fungus had been consuming beneath our nails and made them so brief. Like, it was gross. We lastly went to go to a physician in march to get began on a drugs to kill the fungus. We have been on this medication for 4 months and it took one other two months afterward for the fungus to be all the manner gone. Our nails have been brief all yr and we’ve got been so unhappy about it. We needed our nails to develop again as rapidly and strongly as attainable. We found this cream and determined to simply give it a shot, it was solely a few {dollars} so why not?? we’ve got been utilizing it each night time for 3 weeks. We simply get a little bit bit on the cuticle space and rub it in every nail. It takes much less than a minute to do. Our nails are lastly rising again, and they’re rising again stronger and quicker than ever earlier than. We’re so grateful for this superior stuff that serving to us with our nails. We’ve got to trim our nails not less than twice per week to maintain them from taking pictures off to area. It is wonderful.

We’ve got been utilizing this for about Three weeks now, and we’ve got observed a big distinction. Despite the fact that we attempt to take excellent care of our nails and cuticles, particularly as somebody who does their nails a number of instances per week (submit swatches and nail artwork on instagram frequently), we have been nonetheless getting breaks and they did not really feel very sturdy. The climate was additionally messing with our cuticles. After simply Three weeks our cuticles have by no means seemed better and our nails really feel stronger. No main breaks and they do not bend as simply. The earthy smell would not hassle us (we really sort of prefer it), and it would not really feel greasy (simply keep in mind that a little bit goes a great distance). We’ve got merely added it to our mattress time and after bathe routine. We’ll attempt to bear in mind to submit one other replace in a pair more weeks.

These items works. We’ve got all the time had skinny brittle nails from years of biting them. We tried utilizing polish hardeners and thickeners however they solely made them worse. After two weeks of utilizing this product (earlier than mattress, and as typically as we are able to after washes) our nails are already thicker and stronger. Its positively a noticable enchancment. Its definately very greasy and the smell is kinda medicinal however price it. Be constant with it and be certain to maintain it useful after washing your arms or doing dishes which strips the moisture from your nails.

We love these things. Our nails used to separate, our cuticles have been all the time ragged and no lotion might remedy our dry arms. Healthy hoof labored a miracle for us. Each night time we therapeutic massage it into our nails and arms. It is so wonderful, we gave it to pals to strive. It would not depart grease marks on our sheets both. The smell is strong–kind of like weedy flowers. However after you see what it does for you, the smell turns into nice.

We’ve got had a behavior for years of biting our cuticles. They get dry, and for some cause we simply can not help however chunk them, which in the end rips the pores and skin till they bleed and look gross. We purchased this product in hopes of particularly enhancing our cuticles so we do not really feel the urge to chunk them, and this has helped in only a few brief weeks. That is the greatest our nails have seemed in our whole life, so we’re extraordinarily completely satisfied with this product. Our one criticism is that we do not like the smell of the cream, however we’re nice with it as a result of the outcomes are so good.

We’re not a nail biter however we’ve got all the time had brittle nails bc we’re a type of individuals who wash their dishes in scorching water and bleach. Each. Single. Time. So we’re certain imaginable how comfortable the mattress is. And on high of that the peeling cuticles, particularly the one that you just strive and take away your self and you get the itty bitty stinging. ? chile, the ache. However for one week now we’ve got been utilizing this hoof cream and allow us to simply say that that is the subsequent smartest thing to residence fries cooked to the excellent crisp in coconut oil. The nail mattress is stronger and tougher – no cracks, no cling nails and no peeling cuticles. We use this sparingly and we dab a little bit on every nail after washing arms and therapeutic massage for a few minute. The texture isn’t greasy, the smell is divine and the nails have a fantastic sheen to them. When you’re seeking to improve your unhappy tiyad nails, that is the product. Get yours to-day.

It took a pair months for it to work, however these things does work. We had big downside nails. They have been brittle, skinny, and would peel in a number of locations and do all kinds of loopy issues. We’re waitress and wash our arms mainly each time we stroll into the kitchen. The cleaning soap and sanitizer we use wreaks havoc on our nails. We started making use of this cream each night time earlier than mattress a few months in the past. It took some time to work, however the distinction is unimaginable. Our nails nonetheless get a little bit peel on them after they get a bit longer, however the proven fact that they really develop previous our fingertips is wonderful. This can be regular for the torture they undergo and the proven fact that we use no polish or different products. They’re so thick that it is tough to chop them. That’s nice. Earlier than, our nails would mainly simply flop off. We tried all kinds of lotions and clear polishes and issues for years. Nothing works like these things. It is unimaginable.

Once we started utilizing this our nails cracked & peeled and our cuticles have been thick, ragged and dry. We started massaging this into our nails twice a day and they nonetheless broke off, however we have been decided to maintain utilizing it. That is what we’ve got found. We like the slight sheen it offers our nails. Our cuticles are comfortable and not susceptible to ripping. We even have nails once more. We see some cracks and splits in the ideas of a few our nails, however they don’t break. This amazes me. If we didn’t maintain nail polish on they might chip, break and peel. Our nails are all the time easy to the touch. We very not often even use an emery board. We therapeutic massage a little bit into all our nails in the morning and night. It has a slight cheesy really feel to it however that s the solely draw back we are able to discover. You get loads of product for the worth. We’re shopping for one other for our daughter. We’re very, very happy.

We purchased this for our boyfriend, however determined to strive it for ourself. We’ve got solely used it a few instances however our cuticles have by no means seemed better and our nails have been rising loads quicker. It has a special texture than we had anticipated, and we aren’t an enormous fan of it. It doesn t fairly soak into the pores and skin like regular lotion. It stays in your pores and skin for awhile earlier than it absorbs and we discover that to be annoying -especially as a result of we’ve got canines so it attracts all the canine hairs with how sticky our arms are after utilizing. As soon as it dries although (after about 10 min) our arms are very comfortable.

We virtually by no means write critiques on products, however we’ve got been so fully blown away by how nicely these things works. We’ve got spent many years with very weak nails; dry, comfortable/versatile, layers peeling. The pores and skin round our nails has been extremely dry and liable to hangnails. We’ve got tried every part we might discover, however nothing helped. We learn a overview on a type of “top 40 products you need to try. ” blogs and figured, what the heck. The stuff is affordable sufficient, and it most likely will not do any hurt. We’ve got been utilizing it for about two months now, and we are able to see and really feel a big distinction. We spend about 5-10 minutes massaging it into our nails/cuticles at night time earlier than mattress (it is grow to be a little bit of a zen ritual for us) and that is it. Our nails are stronger, much less versatile, and the pores and skin round the nail isn’t almost as dry. Our nails are longer than they’ve been (they are not rising quicker, they’re simply not breaking each different day). We’ve got been very completely satisfied with these things. It lasts for a very long time, however once we are out, we will certainly be shopping for it once more.

We’ve got used this cuticle cream for some time and we’ll proceed to make use of it without end. We had an actual downside with tough, dry cuticles that was protecting our nails brief however due to this cream our nails are excellent. We slather on a thick layer on every cuticle every night time, sleep in cotton gloves and our arms are a lot softer now. We’ve got tried so many products on the market in each worth vary and this cream tops all of them. Good things at an incredible worth.

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