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Funginix is an easy to apply topical treatment with absolutely no side effects, unlike other medications. It is the safest treatment and will not negatively affect your skin or liver as some oral medications would. It contains active ingredients such as Undecylenic Acid and essential oils which have been thoroughly researched to ensure the best combination for the treatment of nail fungus.

Funginix treats nails which have become thick, crumbly and cloudy or yellow coloured due to fungus. All the ingredients are natural and are part of a patented mixture which ensures no other product will work in quite the same way.

The solution comes with a special applicator brush which you must use to apply funginix to the affected nail and surrounding skin.

Key Features
  • Best Homeopathic Treatment
  • No Side Effects
  • Simple To Use
  • Gives Perfect Result
  • Cost: $49.95
  • It is safe. The antifungal ingredient contained in Funginix, Undecylenic acid has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of fungal infections.
  • It is a proven treatment for toenail fungus. It contains proven anti-fungal agents in a complete formation that is applied topically to affected nails.
  • It can deal with “subungal” toenail fungus infections – Funginix is designed to penetrate deeply into the nail to reach the fungus.
  • It is an integrated solution. This provides an integrated and holistic treatment approach.
  • There are no known disadvantages.
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Funginix Offers Effective Solutions To Nail Fungus

There is no amazing quick fix for nail fungus. Funginix does not promise a short term solution for beautiful nails, but used continuously over a six month period, nails should stay clean, healthy and fungus-free with lasting results.

Toenail fungus or onychomycosis is a nail infection which affects the toenail. It is a problem in which nail changes its colour to yellowish or brownish. As infection increases, it spreads into other fingers too. It is a difficult job to treat toenail fungus when it enters into nail bed.

This fungus stays in dark and warm place. It is caused by a microscopic fungus known as dermatophytes which do not need sunlight. To get rid of this problem, a homeopathic medicine is used named funginix.

It is a tropical relief medicine which gives a fast result as compared to other treatments. It is in the form of spray which is very easy to apply and kill the fungal infections. Nail fungus is irritating and you can bother it from only one solution which is funginix nail fungus treatment.

All users of funginix see excellent results. Funginix can start to work anytime between two weeks or a couple of months after first use. The severity of the condition will determine how long it takes for the fungus to start to clear up.

The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation, who manufacture funginix, are so convinced of its effectiveness that they offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee if there are no results after two months.

What Exactly Is Funginix?

Funginix is a topical naturopathic medication designed to quickly kill the fungus that causes thick, brittle, discoloured nails. It is manufactured by Sisquoc Healthcare Inc., a leading producer of natural remedies that works with high-quality laboratories to create powerful treatments using natural ingredients.

The liquid anti-fungal solution contains a proprietary blend of potent FDA-approved substances, such as undecylenic acid, camphor, and tea tree oil, which penetrates deep into the nail bed to destroy the fungus causing the infection. The result is healthy clear nails without the harmful side effects associated with other fingernail and toenail fungus medicine.

This natural toenail fungus treatment has been scientifically tested and proven as the best naturally healing oral anti-fungal medication with no side effects.

Best Ingredients In Funginix Toenail Fungus Treatment

In 2008, Funginix entered the market and it is manufactured by Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation. Earlier this treatment is known as Fungisil and later in May 2010, it was renamed as Funginix. It includes all natural and herbal ingredients such as:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Camphor
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Undecylenic Acid
  • Menthol
  • Rose Hip Flower oil etc.

The Funginix treatment is a proven treatment and it is approved by the United States FDA.

What Makes Funginix As The Best Toenail Fungus Treatment?

Here are the reasons why Funginix is such an effective toenail fungus treatment:

  • It is safe.

As a topical treatment you won’t have to take potentially harmful systemic oral antifungal medications and run the risk of liver damage. The anti fungal ingredient contained in Funginix, Undecylenic acid has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of fungal infections.

  • It is a proven treatment for toenail fungus.

Unlike many other over the counter treatment, Funginix has undergone rigorous and extensive testing to guarantee that it kills the dermatophyte fungus that causes toenail fungus infections. It contains proven anti-fungal agents in a complete formation that is applied topically to affected nails.

  • It can deal with “subungal” toenail fungus infections

Funginix is designed to penetrate deeply into the nail to reach the fungus. Most toenail fungal infections are “subungal” in nature, which means the fungus is located under the nail. So a treatment will only be effective if it is formulated to be able to soak into the nail on a consistent basis.

  • It is an integrated solution

The primary anti fungal agent is blended with a number of essential oils and minerals that also have known anti fungal properties. This provides an integrated and holistic treatment approach. Soothing herbal extracts help in the restoration of healthy nails.

  • Offers Money back guarantee

It is sold with a no-question asked 60 day guarantee. This ensures safety on purchasing the product and effectiveness on the use of this product. In case you are not satisfied with the product or if it doesn’t work on your problems, you can always return back.

  • It is competitively priced

The price is very competitive when compared with other, less effective and less tested products available on the market. And best of all, new customers are eligible for a free bottle on select orders.

  • Does Funginix Really Work?

According to testimonials and surveys, people who tired of having experience with products promising to cure the infection but were of no avail, agreed unanimously that Funginix was the best product till date.

The blend of anti-fungal ingredients along with natural substances produce full benefits is working miraculously on the brittle toenail to rejuvenate it.

The ingredients are antibacterial in nature working as antiseptic on the fungus in the underlying skin and deep into the cuticle healing it and getting rid from the recurring cycle of infection. It has cooling substance which provides relief in pain and itches making the process painless.

Those with mild to moderate nail fungus said that healthy nail started appearing in as little as 2-3 weeks. However, those with severe nail fungus infections said it took a couple of months before they saw results.

To completely clear the infection, you should use it for at least three months or until the discoloration disappears entirely. Since nail fungus can return, it is probably a good idea to have extra Funginix on hand to use at the first sign of re-infection.

This solution did receive its fair share of negative reviews. Some people said that the natural fungus killer didn’t work as directed. Interestingly enough, we found that main reason for lacklustre results was because the consumer didn’t use the product as directed.

Funginix comes in a convenient travel size, so you can take it with you wherever you so you don’t have to worry about missing treatments and delayed healing.

  • Good Signs Of Funginix

Best homeopathic treatment and has no side effects. It masks the smell of nail fungus. Simple to use and gives a perfect result.

Its botanical ingredients are well to remove nail fungus which is clinically proved. Besides being an effective and useful medicine, it is less expensive which is easily afforded by all people.

This treatment admits high level of recurrence. Once growth of nail starts it results that fungus infection is almost dead. It is only found in case of treatment with funginix. It has been recognized that since three years around the world, it is the best anti-fungal treatment and cures toenail fungus.

It is available without prescription this means that anyone can buy it easily like other medical products. We can say it that it works even on a stubborn nail fungus. It works very well.

In this treatment, you will only loose fungus ridden nails and nothing else. It also gives a new strength to new nails and accelerates fast growth of nails.

It contains protein supplement which gives speed in fast removing treatment. It is available online from where you can buy funginix and know about funginix reviews.

Majority of people believes that this treatment works faster. About 40 million people used this treatment and 7 million of them get infection free nails back.

Everyone always wants the best treatment and it is best medicine to attack the fungi. This solution is not a scam like other phony products in the market.

It has been prepared in Sisquoc Health Care which is a reputed brand of health care and beauty products. They give assurance that treatment of funginix is effective and its feedback is also in positive manner.

Funginix Cons

  • No Clinical Studies

Although there are no clinical studies available, this anti-fungal treatment is very much loved by customers. The maker of this nail fungus treatment can boast of really good customer satisfaction. This should mean this product can be trusted.

  • Doesn’t Guarantee That The Fungus Will Disappear Forever

Funginix will not guarantee you will see this type of result in this time frame. However, it does guarantee that it will give you your money back if you find the results dissatisfactory, and for the company to offer a money-back guarantee it must mean it trusts its product a lot.

  • Testimonials And Success Stories From Funginix Customers

“Absolutely Fabulous!” were the words said by Kathleen P., Los Altos, CA, an active user of Funginix after she had tried out a lot of products until she found which solution finally worked out for her. Earlier her toenails were thick and brown and she never had the confidence to wear sandals. But now thanks to this nail fungus killer, only a few bits are left to grow and she can fulfil her dreams.

Like Kathleen, many other users have been able to fulfil their desire to step out by not worrying about what footwear they are wearing, to gaining back their lost confidence, to socialize, to wear sandals and to look at their feet proudly.

The topical toenail anti-fungal medication is a Sisquoc Healthcare product. Sisquoc Healthcare is among the leading naturopathic home remedies manufactures. The solution is best known for its mild, natural and effective properties.

Roxanne L., Columbus, OH, another customer of this topical treatment shares her experience. She had been suffering from nail fungus for the past 17 years and had given up all hope of seeing beautiful, infection free nails.

But after using Funginix regularly for 5 months she became fungus free and now happily wearing sandals. The secret behind being fungus free is using the solution regularly without fail till the nail heals completely.

Why Does It Take So Long?

Mainly, it is because fungi are resilient. Also, you need to let the new nail grow, and ensure the new nail is free from fungi. There are also people that do not take the necessary care, thus extending the treatment period.

The sooner you start the better. By the way, a medical doctor stated that, contrary to what people might think, colour changing during the treatment (for example to dark brown) may indicate that the product is working: The fungus is dying.

What’s The Recommended Dosage For Effective Results?

For the best results, it should be applied to the affected nails twice per day. After cleaning the area, use the convenient applicator brush to apply the antifungal cream in the morning before you put on your socks or shoes and in the evening before going to bed.

Use your finger or a cotton swab to thoroughly work the solution into the nail and surrounding skin. To avoid spreading the infection, be sure to wash your hands in soap and water afterwards.

10 Best “Secret” Tips To Get The Most Out Of Funginix

10 best “secret” tips on how to make sure you get the most out of Funginix

If you buy Funginix or Fungisil, you want results, right? Follow these very important tips to make sure you get the fastest possible results, and to assure the highest probability of complete cure:

1 – Use Funginix according to instructions.

Seems an obvious advice, but you would be surprised by how many people neglect to do it.

2 – Don’t just apply Funginix to the nail, cover the surrounding area too.

This is very important, because the skin around the nail is also infected, and a lot of people do not know this. They eliminate the fungus, it keeps coming back, and they can’t figure out why.

3 – Very important: Always protect the area you have just treated, for example with a band aid.

At least use it for a couple of hours. This will prevent the socks or shoes from removing the product!

The active ingredients need to get in contact with the fungus, as much as possible, and they do not get absorbed by the nail and skin in a second. Hah!

4 – You should remove as much of the nail as possible (without hurting yourself).

Remove both infected and good areas. Infected is obvious, but why good? The less nail the less food and real estate for the fungus to grow.

5 – Reserve a nail clipper for the infected nail(s).

Do not use it on any other nail (or share it with anybody).

6 – Help your immune system.

Funginix (just like any other product in the world) needs help from your immune system to eliminate the fungus. If you’re not doing it already, consider taking a multivitamin supplement. It will also promote healthy nail growth.

7 – Do not pick or cut the skin around the infected nail.

Doing that makes it easier for the fungus to penetrate, resist treatment and to re-infect the nail.

8 – Keep your feet as dry as possible.

Fungi love humidity. In fact, they can’t live without it. Use shoes that allow for good ventilation.

Use only natural (cotton or silk) socks. If you can, you should remove your shoes frequently during the day, even for just a couple of minutes.

9 – For faster results, you can apply Funginix three or four times a day.

Unlike with fungus oral medication, with Funginix you can increase the “dosage” safely to get faster results. Pretty neat, huh?

10 – Try and find out where you could have gotten infected in the first place, so you won’t catch it again.

Some good suspects are: swimming pools, beach sand, (always wear your flip-flops) and sharing nail clippers or other instruments with someone already infected.

Ease Of Use

Unlike Claripro and ZetaClear, Funginix comes only in form of a topical solution which means that it is free of side effects which can be caused by oral medications.

Topical treatment is the safest way to remedy toenail fungus which carries no negative effects on your liver or any other organs as some medications do.

Application of Funginix is relatively simple, as normally the fungi are so difficult to target for other products that it requires them to use complex solutions.

The toe nail fungus home remedy includes a special brush that you should use to apply the product to the affected nail and skin which must be clean and dry. This also reduces the chances of infecting other parts of your body with fungus.

Use a cotton wool swab to treat cuticles surrounding the nail. Such process should be repeated twice daily for the best results. Remember to wash your hands after contacting the fungi infected area. Wait for Funginix to completely dry out before covering your nails with socks, shoes or putting gloves on.

Who Is It For?

Funginix is for the person who wants extreme ease of application / use and who doesn’t mind adding some pharmaceutical drug strength to a mostly natural product. If you want 100% Natural, this product is not for you.

Funginix Side Effects

This could be one of the safest nail fungus treatments on the market right now. The manufacturer reports that there are no side effects in the majority of cases. Most people will use the product without any adverse side effects, since it is a topical treatment with natural ingredients.

Advantage Of Funginix From Other Products

One of the obvious advantages of Funginix from other products which would usually appear in customer feedback is the fact that it is not an oral medication and so many side-effects are avoided.

Since Funginix is a topical solution, it is simple to use and would not require many additional medications with it. And by simply applying the solution twice a day for six months, you can already expect to have back the nails you had before acquiring the said infections.

Aside from the Funginix being a topical solution, the quality ingredients are also to be commended. If you will read a Funginix review, you will find that it is evident that the ingredients are most usually appraised because of the existence of the fighters (undecylenic acid) which kills the fungi in the nail beds and the nourishments (essential oils) which heal the damages done by the fungi.

What Is The Ideal Quantity To Buy Of Funginix?

As a guideline, the treatment generally lasts 35 months, but note that to completely eradicate this parasite, just like with most fungal infections, you should keep on using it for at least a couple of weeks after all signs of infection are gone, regardless of how long it took.

Why? Because even though you can’t see it, there will still be some nasty fungi ready to restart the infection. However, treatments taking a year or more aren’t unheard of. There are several different strands, and different people also have different immune systems.

Where To Buy Funginix From?

In today’s world a trip to the pharmacist has been replaced by clicking on a mouse. People’s hectic lifestyle, busy schedules and obligations, the ability to buy funginix online has made life easier for millions, providing an opportunity to shop from the comfort of your computer desk.

The ability to buy funginix has never been easier. Your order will be shipped directly and quickly to your front door. When you buy Funginix domestic orders are shipped by USPS with a tracking number. You also have the option to expedite your order by UPS to receive your order quickly.

Where to buy Funginix from is easy. Start first by consulting directly from the Funginix website. Different packages are available to choose from like: Funginix- one month/ three months/ five months supply and additional products like the cuticle oil and the nail protein supplement. Be able to decide on what package to order which will meet your needs and your budget at the same time.

The office will be open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm in the afternoon. Moreover, there are also hotline numbers to contact to and email addresses to consider if you have questions on the certain products.

Bottom Line: Will It Work For You?

Funginix is one of the leading topical treatments on the market today. Since there is a sixty day money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling), it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and see if it is effective for you. Since it is safe to use more than twice a day, it may be one of the best options for those prone to continuous infections or with more severe conditions.

The biggest advantage to this formula is the lack of worry over side effects. Strong prescription medications come with severe side effects in most cases, so it is refreshing to find a treatment that is virtually worry-free.

If you are concerned with the side effects with other treatment options, this could be the solution that cures your fungus problems.

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