Funginix Natural Fungus Toenail Treatment

Funginix Natural Fungus Toenail Treatment

Funginix is an all-natural nail fungus remedy. It involves the use of a topical solution to tackle the issue. Funginix pledges to be the best ever and last solution you would need to combat the ever troubling nail fungus.

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Funginix is a topical treatment for fingernail and toenail fungal infections. It comes in an easy-to-use bottle with a convenient applicator to quickly wipe the solution over your nail.

You are also advised to use a Q-tip or your finger to work the solution underneath your nail from the front and underneath the cuticles around the nail.

This is because the fungus causing your infection lives underneath the nail bed, and you want the solution to directly touch those infected areas.

Like most over-the-counter topical treatments for nail fungus, you are advised to use it twice a day. It is safe to use three or four times a day, which is great news for those with severe fungal infections or those who have trouble with recurring infections.

The ingredients in Funginix are safe for ongoing use, and there is a special offering two free bottles when you purchase three bottles at full price.

What draws many people to this product is the competitive price. Once you look beyond the price, it may be the extensive research or consumer reviews of the product that lure you into making a purchase.

Active Ingredient

Undecylenic Acid is the only active ingredient in Funginix which has been thoroughly selected to ensure the best treatment of toenail fungus. None of other treatments was tested to this extent. The Acid works throughout the nail, its surface and nail bed, including surrounding skin area to ensure that the fungus is eradicated.

Funginix recommended for use to people with crumbly and thick or yellow colored nails because of fungi bacteria inside them. All Funginix ingredients are part of patented mixture which prevents competition from replicating its formula.

Does Funginix Work?

Reports suggest that Funginix is formulated from extensive research work. It involves the use of traditional herbal medicine to combat nail fungus. Loaded with FDA approved ingredients, Funginix has passed several clinical tests with flying colours.

Essential oils such as Tea Tree oil and Camphor oil work in harmony with fungus fighting extracts and anti-fungal agents to offer individuals relief from nail fungus.

It includes many other herbal components such as lavender oil, Glycerine, jasmine oil etc that blend together with the chief ingredients to form a powerful solution against nail fungus. The best part is that it has an established track record of good reputation for nail fungus cure. Most of the industry experts reckon that Funginix is indeed the best remedy against nail fungus.

Funginix Positives

Keep reading to weigh the pros and cons to making that decision.

  1. Natural ingredients
  2. Easy to use
  3. Under $50 per bottle
  4. Free bottles with larger purchases
  5. Tested to ensure results
  6. 60 day money back guarantee
  7. Safe for fingernails and toenails
  8. Safe during pregnancy
  9. Safe for those with most medical conditions

There are certainly a lot of positive points in favour of Funginix. The money back guarantee is rather standard for the industry. You have to return all of your packaging, including empty and full bottles, in order to receive your money back. Keep your packaging at least until you are certain that the product is working to your expectations.

The biggest advantage in comparison to other topical treatments for fungal infection is the natural ingredient list. The ingredients are safe for pregnant and nursing women, and are safe for use three or more times throughout the day.

It is even a safe formula for those who may be taking prescription medications for other medical conditions.

Most medications are not willing to make those guarantees and urge you to see your doctor if you are taking other medications or are pregnant. This is a benefit of using a topical solution, rather than getting a prescription for an oral medication that works throughout your body internally.

It is also a benefit of using a product with natural ingredients, compared to those with chemical fungicides that may not be safe for pregnant women and may mix with prescription medications.

Funginix is not only effective for toenails and fingernails, but it can be used on the skin surrounding the nail as well. This is an advantage over other products that may irritate or dry out the skin when used beyond the nails.

Funginix Negatives

Recommended 6 months of usage

Details of the studies performed on the product are not openly revealed

While manufacturers advertise that you should see results within a couple weeks of consistent use, when you read the fine print you come by the suggestion that treatment is needed for at least six months.

It is true that most fungal infections take a longer period of time to completely clear up, it is a bit deceiving to read the claim of results in two weeks.

As a smart consumer who has done their research, you will know the difference between seeing results and experiencing a complete cure. You should see results within a couple weeks. A complete cure may take longer.

You can also use this solution to help prevent future infections, especially if your feet sweat in your shoes a lot or your immune system leaves you vulnerable to repeat infections. The formula is safe for extended use, and the results should only get better with longer use.

One other thing to note is that this brand advertises that studies have been done to ensure the formula’s effectiveness, yet details of those studies are not released. You cannot easily find the details of how these studies were conducted or what the exact findings were in the end. This is another point where some feel the manufacturers are a bit deceptive.

Ease Of Use

Unlike Claripro and ZetaClear, Funginix comes only in form of a topical solution which means that it is free of side effects which can be caused by oral medications.

Topical treatment is the safest way to remedy toenail fungus which carries no negative effects on your liver or any other organs as some medications do.

Application of Funginix is relatively simple, as normally the fungi are so difficult to target for other products that it requires them to use complex solutions.

The toe nail fungus home remedy includes a special brush that you should use to apply the product to the affected nail and skin which must be clean and dry. This also reduces the chances of infecting other parts of your body with fungus.

Use a cotton wool swab to treat cuticles surrounding the nail. Such process should be repeated twice daily for the best results. Remember to wash your hands after contacting the fungi infected area. Wait for Funginix to completely dry out before covering your nails with socks, shoes or putting gloves on.

Who Is It For?

Funginix is for the person who wants extreme ease of application / use and who doesn’t mind adding some pharmaceutical drug strength to a mostly natural product. If you want 100% Natural, this product is not for you.

Where To Buy Funginix Nail Fungus Treatment?

The distribution of this product is regulated to ensure that users get genuine products at all times. The best way to avoid similar low potency products sold in the market is to buy the product from the official seller itself.

Funginix Side Effects

This could be one of the safest nail fungus treatments on the market right now. The manufacturer reports that there are no side effects in the majority of cases. Most people will use the product without any adverse side effects, since it is a topical treatment with natural ingredients.

Bottom Line: Will It Work For You?

Funginix is one of the leading topical treatments on the market today. Since there is a sixty day money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling), it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and see if it is effective for you. Since it is safe to use more than twice a day, it may be one of the best options for those prone to continuous infections or with more severe conditions.

The biggest advantage to this formula is the lack of worry over side effects. Strong prescription medications come with severe side effects in most cases, so it is refreshing to find a treatment that is virtually worry-free.

If you are concerned with the side effects with other treatment options, this could be the solution that cures your fungus problems.

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