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FOOT CURE EXTRA STRONG Finger & Toenail Fungus Treatment

FOOT CURE EXTRA STRONG Finger & Toenail Fungus Treatment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of FOOT CURE EXTRA STRONG Finger & Toenail Fungus Treatment.

  • A Do It Yourself SOLUTION THAT WORKS – Our powerful Oregano, Tea Tree & other essential oils get to the core of your fungus exposing beautiful, healthy nails.
  • STOP THE SPREAD OF BLACK NAILS & WARTS – Get unsightliness out of sight. Our powerful anti-bacterial removes candida albicans, mold & any pesky fungus.
  • FOR HEALTHIER STRONGER NAILS – Work that’s unforgiving to your nails? Our easy-to-apply formula works maintenance, offering you assurance.
  • STOP THE SHAME – You do not need to hesitate to display your feet. With a few applications, you’ be beach all set in no time.
  • REMOVE NAIL FUNGUS OR YOUR CASH BACK – If you’re even 1% discontented, call us within 60 days for a fu refund with no questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on FOOT CURE EXTRA STRONG Finger & Toenail Fungus Treatment.

Question Question 1

What Is The Active ingredient List?( Why Do We Continuously Need To Ask This Question On? Why Isn’T An Active ingredient List Needed To Offer On This Website??)?

The 2nd image programs the componentlist Simply roll over the image to zoom in.Basically it is herbal oils utilizing Almond Oil as the provider oil.Tea Tree, Clove, lavender, lemongrass, lemon, oregano and a number of others.These are all herbal oils with recognized anti-fungal residential or commercial properties.

Question Question 2

Will This Deal With Nail Polish On? Our Nails Are Too Brittle Without It?

our good friend’s doctor informed her, that you should remove the nail polish to use any anti-fungus product for it to work.You might clean nails, use polish, go to an unique event.Once home, remove polish and re-treat your nails.

Question Question 3

What Are All Theb Active Ingredients?

Almond oil, Tea tree oil and oregano oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, lemongrass oil and numerous other oils.

Question Question 4

The Number Of Ounces In Bottle?

Uncertain. Does not state on bottle or product packaging. Small bottle, we would state around 4 oz. Has lasted a long period of time. Apply by brush and appears to be really focused.

Question Question 5

What Portion Of Your Solution Is Olive Oil Versus The Essential Oils?

active ingredients as noted on box: Almond oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) Leaf oil, Glycerol, Olea europaea (virign olive) Extract oil, Origanum Vulgare (oregano) oil, Mentha Piperita (peppermint) oil, Cymbopogon Flexuosus (lemongrass) oil, Clove bud oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (lavander) oil, Leptospermum scoparium active ingredients as noted on box: Almond oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) Leaf oil, Glycerol, Olea europaea (virign olive) Extract oil, Origanum Vulgare (oregano) oil, Mentha Piperita (peppermint) oil, Cymbopogon Flexuosus (lemongrass) oil, Clove bud oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (lavander) oil, Leptospermum scoparium (manuka) oil, Citrus Limon, (Lemon) oilActive component: Undecylenic Acid – 25% Hope this helps to address your question.

Question Question 6

Does It Clear Toenail Fungus For Excellent? Or Does Fungus Return After?

we were really doubtful however up until now it’s been fantastic. we want we would’ve taken photos to reveal prior to and after however we had a thick vertical black strip on our huge toe. we utilized the oil for some time. Then I.took the nail utensil that is utilized to pressed back the cuticles, scrape dead skin, or nail polish residue off of nail to scr we were really doubtful however up until now it’s been fantastic. we want we would’ve taken photos to reveal prior to and after however we had a thick vertical black strip on our huge toe. we utilized the oil for some time. Then I.took the nail utensil that is utilized to pressed back the cuticles, scrape dead skin, or nail polish residue off of nail to scrape the dead thick color strip off. The strip on our nail isn’t entirely gone however it’s MUCH LIGHTER THAN EVER. we have utilized numerous products and went to a podiatric doctor and absolutely nothing assisted, till we stumbled upon this product. It has assisted our other toenails that wasn’t contaminated to simply end up being healthier. we are on our 2nd bottle however our first bottle is where the results were exposed. we simply wished to keep utilizing it due to the fact that we like how our nails look now. we are more comfy with our nails being bare than we have ever remained in our entire life.

Question Question 7

In Which State Is Your Product Produced?

Morrisville, PA is the just location we might find on the bottle or the box in which it loaded when gotten.

Question Question 8

How Do You Get It Out Of The Bottle? The Brush Can’T Enter It, And It Doesn’T “Flow” Out.?

Whatever remained in the top of the bottle we took out? Do not understand if that was best or not, we were likewise puzzled about the contents.we are simply utilizing the brush and pressing it under our nail to use.

Question Question 9

Does This Dry Like Nailpolish? Or Is It An Ointment That Rubs In?

It dries like nailpolish.We use a blow clothes dryer for rapidly getting on our way.we have utilized a few various kinds of nail treatments and this integrated with daily soaks of vinegar and epson salts has decreased fungus 70% in the in 2015.

Question Question 10

We Have A Tinea Pedis In Between OurToes Will This Product Work In Between Toes?

we do not understand.

Question Question 11

Do We Need To Wash Our Feet Prior To Every Application?

we would advise to wash your feet due to the fact that it avoids germs from growing and making the fungus even worse.

Question Question 12

What Are The Specific Active Ingredients Please?

The active ingredients are shown on the post.

Question Question 13

How Quick Will You See Enhancement?

we utilized this things for over a month and saw no enhancement. It s a complete wild-goose chase and cash. And it has a dreadful smell.

Question Question 14

Does This Deal With Fingernails?

Yes, it should. Our bottle states it is for fingers and toes.

Question Question 15

How Long Should You Wait After Utilizing This To Eat/Cook? We Let It Sit And Soak In For A Bout 30 Minutes. – 1 Hr. And Wash Our Hands With A Nail Brush.?

It states 5 -7 minutes prior to you touch your eye so we would wait a minimum of an hour prior to consuming or cooking

Question Question 16

What Are The Active Components?

Regrettably we tossed the documents away and what s on the bottle is too small for us to be able to check out nevertheless we will inform you that this product is the just thing we have ever use that deals with toenail fungus.

Question Question 17

Do The Nails Fall Off?

No. You will see a really progressive fade of the impacted nail. It s not an over night cure. we are still using this treatment two times a day, however it will be numerous more months prior to the discoloration is entirely gone.

Question Question 18

How Long Till We Get Our Refund Back From A Product We Couldn T Get Due To The Fact That You Couldn T Get It In Stock?


Question Question 19

Does It Kills Fugus Under Toe Nails?

Yes.Keep feet clean (we use tea tree oil soak), and then use the nail fungus treatment to dry toenails.Take time to guarantee the treatment enters into the open end of the nail, ensuring that the oil gets under the nail.

Question Question 20

How Long After Apllication To The Hand Nails Can We Wereh Our Hands?

Truthfully, we recommend leaving it on for a minimum of 30 minutes. However, if you should wash your hands, then await it to dry. Attempt utilizing it in the evening when you go to sleep.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on FOOT CURE EXTRA STRONG Finger & Toenail Fungus Treatment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

The prior to image was taken the day that this treatment came to our home. We instantly began utilizing this. The after image was taken simply the other day after we got a pedicure. The results are from utilizing this for simply over a month and we are very delighted with our results. None of our toes reveal any yellowing or any discoloration. The smell is a bit strong, however when we would use this, we would make certain we weren’t right over our feet. We are truthfully astonished at how quickly this treatment began working. Initially it began to look darker however after a few days, the yellowing began getting lighter and lighter. We have likewise begun permitting our feet to breathe more rather than keeping them covered when we do not require to. Plus our nails are “normal” density rather than being 2-3 times the density of what they most likely must be.

This things cleaned up toenail fungus that we have had for a years. Our toenails had even fallen off from the intensity of the fungus. They grew back in each time, however the fungus simply eliminated the new nail growing in. We have clear toenails now. Our nail bed is entirely clear of fungus. ** entirely ** we have just been utilizing this for about 6 months and we simply cut off the last of the fungus. Our toenails are healthy and perfect now. It does smell like tea tree oil. We do not mind the smell, however we understand lots of people have a tough time with the strong smell of tea tree oil. If that’s you, you will not like this things. With the results, we believe we would put aside any hostility to the smell for quite toe nails.

This things is definitely fantastic. We have been a diabetic for 40 years. Our toenails were awful, generally the huge toes since we can keep in mind. Our podiatric doctor has offered us rx’s for usds, we have attempted vicks and all the strange solutions that individuals turn upwith We didn’t have high expects this at all. We can not even inform you just how much and how rapidly this worked. Its just been a number of weeks. It’s not completely gone however it looks muchbetter We do not wish to publish photos of our ugly-a ** feet however we understand it may assist you decide so we will take one for the group. Everybody’s various however it’s not all that pricey specifically if it works. Do not tease our feet.

We are so mad at ourself that we didn’t find this product quicker. For some factor we have had fungus on our toes (primarily our huge toe on left foot) for several years. We have attempted whatever. Even went to the podiatric doctor and what they have us didn’t work. Within 3 days of utilizing this product it broke down the bad contaminated nail and new nail has been growing. We do not generally compose evaluations (ever) however if your like us and have attempted whatever, provide this a go. You will not be dissatisfied. We are so thrilled to lastly have beautiful feet.

All our life we have had awful huge toe nails. No fungus, however odd coloring, rough cuticles, stripes. All the other nails are great. Perhaps not stunning, however fine. Dislike utilizing polish on toenails, however practically a truth of our life. We have been utilizing this product for 5 days, early morning and night. The modification is currently fantastic. Color is significantly enhancing. Cuticles are smooth and soft. Yes, there is a smell – oregano with light lavender undertones – however it doesn t last long and is not off-putting. Acquired this oil with a healthy dosage of hesitation as other treatments sanctuary t done much. Really amazed, will continue utilizing, and highly advise.

As a retired registered nurse of over 30 years social work, and presently at age 67 years, we will specify in advance that, till just recently, we have never ever had a celebration of nail fungal infection. Nevertheless, after strong antibiotic therapy for a serious sinus infection, that treatment stimulated a systemic fungal reaction. Diflucan effectively got rid of that opportunistic fungal invasion, however still, our left fantastic toe now has a nail fungal infection on and under the whole nail. We have an appt on aug 21 st to be assessed by the location s top podiatric doctor, as we likewise need surgical treatment on the best foot. Nevertheless, in the meantime, we have utilized, and then disposed of, several sorts of otc dietary and herbalproducts We had been utilizing australian tea tree oil, however, due to a stalled nail development, we have, for the past few weeks, included finevine nail treatment. Now the condition of that nail not just proofs less green and yellow drain than formerly, however has likewise raised away from the underlying nail bed. Finevine oil permeates the permeable nail in addition to circulations beneath the nail, to develop more healthy remediation. We have carefully, thoroughly cut the nail, to avoid it being captured on our sock threads, and ripping away. We are really happy with finevine s fungal nail treatment, and hope that the podiatric doctor will supply a more exact analysis and contribute to this treatment. As a retired registered nurse, we completely mean to laud the attained favorable results acquired, that he might ideally advise finevine to other customers. Terrific product.

Even if you believe it isn’t working. It took a bit for us to see enhancement, however to be reasonable, we had an bad infection on our huge toe, plus we are diabetic so whatever takes longer to recover. We liked the reality this was inexpensive also. Smells a bit strong, however that disappears after a few minutes.

We purchased this for our relative due to the fact that her toenails have been yellow for a long period of time. They have never ever had a fungus they simply have a yellow tint. Furthermore they worsen when she uses nail polish. This things has almost cleared them approximately a natural white again after 30 years. This seeks leaving nail polish off and utilizing it for 3 weeks as advised. Highly advise.

We particularly waited 3. 5 weeks to provide an evaluation for this product. We are massage therapist and our hands are continuously in the oil and we were them million times a day. Got nail fungus, none of the creams and drops from drug store assisted. Hurt as hell. Prescriptions things did not work too. We bought this product and within 1st use it took discomfort away. After 1. 5 week it recovered, after another week we had the ability to use our thing again. We are beyond appreciative. We likewise utilized an antwe fungus cream with it for bette results.

About fifteen years ago we hurt our huge toenails by using inexpensive soccer shoes. They have fallen off and been reinjured, and have constantly ached and thick/gross looking. We lastly went to a podiatric doctor 3 months earlier. He informed us that they are fungus nail, and that fungus is either spread out as you would believe, or comes from damage. He stated that the kind from damage is hard to treat, and that they would never ever lookbetter He shaved them down and stated that our options were to keep getting them shaved routinely, have them eliminated (which would still regrow with fungus due to the fact that it remains in the nail bed), or have them completely eliminated never ever to grow back. The latter was his suggestion. He stated topical treatments would not deal with fungus brought on by damage, and hardly ever work anyhow. Rather than having our huge toenails completely eliminated, we chose to provide this product a shot. We sure am pleased we did. We have been utilizing it every day for about 2. 5 months and we can really clearly see the enhancement in the new nail growth. Our image programs the gross old nail on the pointer and the new healthy growth being available in from the bed. This things appears to be working astonishingly well. We can’t await the entire nail to growout After that we will most likely keep utilizing it routinely for a while, and then regularly afterwards to keep the nail healthy. We have not even utilized a quarter of the bottle yet, so there is a lot of oil to do the entire task. As other customers have kept in mind, this product does smell a lot. It’s generally tea tree oil and oregano oil, and the oregano smell is really strong. Our spouse calls us mario and teases us about smelling like an italian dining establishment. We do not care, we do not mind the scent of oregano and it deserves it to keep our toenails. The greatest unfavorable for us is the product packaging. It can be found in a bottle with the basic plastic insert pointer that apparently gives one drop of oil at a time. In some cases absolutely nothing comes out, often a flood comesout It likewise comes with a brush that we use to clean the oil around. The brush is connected to a cover that relatively fits the container, however you can’t put it in due to the fact that of the plastic insert. Am we expected to take out the insert to put the brush directly in the oil? then why didn’t it come that method? would that be a mess with excessive oil on the brush stem? in general a better dispenser would be valued. We are still offering 5 stars due to the fact that it is doing something that a doctor stated was difficult and is conserving our toenails.

We are composing this evaluation due to the fact that this things really works. We have never ever had a problem with nail fungus prior to and we are not even sure if that s what our concern is/was however whatever it is, this things is rapidly making it disappear. A few days ago we were removing our toenail polish and observed our huge toenail looked strange and we freaked out believing it was some sort of fungus so we purchased this things to attempt and treat it after checking out other evaluations. We have just utilized it for 2 days up until now (2x a day as directed) and it s significantly making whatever is incorrect with our nail vanish. We are really please with the product and highly advise. Just unfavorable remark we would have is that it smells highly of oregano however it s not the end of the world. After we are ended up with it, we will be attempting it on our spouse s toenail, as he does have a fungus/thick nasty toenail that happened from damage to his nail years earlier. We wear t have a great deal of wish for his nail due to the fact that it s so bad, however we will see. We have connected photos of our nail the day we observed it being screwed up and however after 2 days of using this product.

Do not think twice. It works. When we first figured out that our pinky was cursed with fungus, we instantly began searching for treatments on the web. We desired something natural however powerful and we didn’t wish to be recommended a tablet, which is what we figured would take place if we visited a doctor about it. As we used this product, we might see the green fungus under our nail turning clear. We utilized this product two times a day for just a few days, till we were persuaded that the fungus was dead. We began to see fresh, pink new nail growing in and our old nail fell off at roughly the midway mark of growingout However our new nail is healthy and the fungus did not infected other nails. This is a fantastic product.

We got product on february 23 rd. It s now march 3rd and we can see results currently. We went to our podiatric doctor and after attempting a topical medication for more than 3 months and it did not work. After ending up 2 bottles the toenail still had some fungus. This product is fantastic an we can t wait to see the end product in a few weeks. Certainly advise youbuy The smell is strong however it s tea tree so not to bad.

Wow we bought this about 4 weeks earlier due to the fact that we were at our wit’s end attempting to assist relieve our awful looking huge toe which had a fungus as thick as can be beneath the nail. We didn’t use the brush that came with it, however rather simply put it on. It comes out really sluggish it has a little filter on top of the bottle. It dried up and looked awful however we cut all the dead dry skin off and our toenail beneath is beautiful healthy new skin. We are really really amazed with this product. We would highly advise it to anybody suffering with an athlete’s foot kind of problem. Thank you to the business that makes it.

We have been searching for a product that is more affordable than clearnail pro and works simply as great or perhapsbetter We lastly found it and we are really pleased with finevine.

We like that this product is inexpensive and really works. Have been using it on our huge toe once a day and aside from the strong smell, it has enhanced our fungus concern tremendously. Will certainly acquire again.

We have attempted both rx topical and tablet treatments prior to with restricted results. Both prescriptions triggered stomach side impacts. After one month of utilizing this oil there has been a substantial enhancement. After one week the contaminated peeling skin on our toes cleaned up entirely and no more foot smell. Our nails are growing in clear to about 1/3 from the base. There has likewise been a noticeable enhancement to the existing contaminated nail. We really like the herbaceoussmell Our only grievance is that the brush broke off of the top after 3 weeks.

For a long time we have been fighting fingernail fungus on numerous nails. We went through 2 bottles of another product with very little results. We check out the evaluations and attempted this product. We are seeing quantifiable results after just a week of utilizing two times a day. Our nails are growing again. They are no longer blemished. There is no pain if the product touches the skin. The scent is a light herbal that dissipates rapidly. We are truly confident that this product will do the technique for us.

First of all, we wish to state that it’s amazing to find something other than a pricey dr expense and medication with possible negative effects to treat nail fungus infection. Regrettably, we had gotten something from showers at a public swimming pool. This product works astonishingly. They selected the best active ingredients to naturally eliminate our problem (which had spread out from our toenails to our finger nails to our discouragement). We wish to include likewise that fingernails are lot more difficult to treat due to how we need to use our hands all the time in every day life. Our infections are almost gone. We have beme enjoying them gradually minimize and the nails growing in healthy on hands and feet. There are couple drawbacks that we will point out, nevertheless this still is worthy of 5 stars. The first is that the brush applicator loses its shape with use. It might be developed better our company believe. The 2nd is that the first bottle we bought we accidently dropped it within the first week and the plastic cap broke where the applicator tube connects to it. The majority of the oil drippedout We were so unfortunate. In general, a great natural alternative to stop and recover nail fungus.

Wow. This truly works. We have damaged our toe nail bed over 20, yrs earlier (something fell on our foot) so each time it grows it has a split down the middle. Been utilizing this over a month and our toenail is growing regular. We can not think it. This is a product is fantastic.

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