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Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment.

  • The complete solution for Healthy, Beautiful Nails
  • No requirement to remove polish or acrylics
  • Clinica y checked and salon shown for over 10 years
  • Patented permeating shipment system – takes in rapidly
  • Noticeable enhancement within weeks if utilized daily as directed

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment.
Bundle Amount: 2 Ki s fungus that can cause nail infections. No requirement to remove polish or acrylics. Permeates with Dr. G’s trademarked shipment system. Patented permeating shipment system with the relaxing A antoin distinction. Maximum strength formula. The active component in Dr. G’s Clear Nail has been acknowledged to be safe and effective by an FDA Specialist Advisory Penal, when utilized as directed. Antimicrobial Innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment.

Question Question 1

How Quickly Did You See The Results And How Long It Required To Cure The Nail Fungus? In Addition, Will It Be Easy To Wash Out After You Wash Your Hand?

we use this for toenail fungus.we typically get a fungus every summer season after having pedicures all summer.It can take all winter season utilizing Dr. G’s to clear it up however the product is so simple to use – that is why we like it compared to some prescription medications which take exact same quantity of time.Not sure about finger nail fungus we use this for toenail fungus.we typically get a fungus every summer season after having pedicures all summer.It can take all winter season utilizing Dr. G’s to clear it up however the product is so simple to use – that is why we like it compared to some prescription medications which take exact same quantity of time.Not sure about finger nail fungus – we would picture it would wash off.

Question Question 2

Do You Need To Keep Polish Off Your Toenails While Utilizing This Product?

It’s not compulsory that you need to get without nail polish.but it’s better without it while utilizing the medication.thanks

Question Question 3

Kindly Encourage The Service Life Of The Product? Thank You?

we do not learn about the rack life.we utilized my own up in a year or less.we utilized Clear Nail every early morning and Vickes Vapo Rub every night.our nail fungus problem disappeared.

Question Question 4

On The Back Of Package Under Instructions, It States, “This Product Is Not Effective On Scalp Or Nails.” Why Then Is It Called Clear Nail?

perhaps it’s a misprint or disclaimer. nevertheless, our experience is that Dr. G’s is a highly effective treatment for nail fungi.

Question Question 5

We Have Gel Polish On OurToes Does This Still Work?We Have Simply Begun Utilizing Dr. G’S At The Idea Of Our Toe And Attempting To Rub It Under The Nail.?

It ought to work with the gel polish.we capture a ribbon under the pointer of the nail and attempt to massage it down into the nail.It does not go on top of the nail.Hope this helps.

Question Question 6

How Effective Was This Product When Utilized With Nail Polish?

we have just utilized it with clear or light transparent colors. our nails appear to recover better when they are exposed to light.

Question Question 7

Why Does The Back Of The Bundle State “This Product Doesn’T Work On Scalp Or Nails”.?

we have frequently believed that there may be a FDA requirement for making claims for nails that Mr. G s doesn t meet. It was recommended to us by a nail service technician over 15 years ago and it s the just one that works for us.

Question Question 8

Can We Put It Prior To The Acrylic?

we eliminated our acrylic nail on our thumb prior to utilizing

Question Question 9

Does It Have A Smell To It.?

we do not discover a smell with this.This product worked for us, however we have had the fungus for years so it took numerous, numerous months of consitant use daily.

Question Question 10

The Product Packaging Of Load Of 1 And Load Of 2 Is Various. Are They The Very Same Product?

Yes.we use the 2nd one for traveling.It works well.

Question Question 11

How Long Will A 0.5 Bottle Last When Utilizing 2 Times Each Day?

Most likely about 8 weeks if you wear t use however a drop or more for each use.A little goes a long method.

Question Question 12

1. Is This An Oil Or Liquid? 2. Application: Dropper Or Brush?

It is a liquid.It’s a lot like an eye dropper bottle, because you squeeze and the drops fall onto your nails directly.

Question Question 13

Is This Expected To Be Thick And Greyish Or A Clear Liquid?

Clear liquid.

Question Question 14

For Those Who Have Had Success, How Did You Apply This Product? We Are Uncertain If We Should Rub It Into The Nail Or Cuticle, At Base Or Under The Nail?

we rubbed in on top of the nail and under the end (reverse the cuticle). It took a very long time cause the damaged toe nail needed to grow out.

Question Question 15

Does This Product Have An Existing Or New Expiration Date?

The bottle that we have has an expiration date on the bottom of 05/22

Question Question 16

This Is Expected To Be Applied To The Fingernail Two Times A Day.We Wereh Our Hands 50 Times A Day, So How Can The Solution Work?

we utilized it on our toes. It worked better than $3900 solution we got from podiatric doctor and insurancedidn’t spend for it. we will buy it again.

Question Question 17

Can We Get Overnight Shipping On 3 Bottles Dr. G’S Clear Antifungal Treatment?

we will never ever purchase considering that last bottle had absolutely nothing in them mad

Question Question 18

Can Clear Nails Be Utilized On Finger Nails?

we have just utilized it on our nails.

Question Question 19

What Are The Possible Adverse Effects Of Utilizing, We Just Recently Broe Ut In A Rash After Utilizing This For A Few Days And Wonder If It Culd Be Linked?

Attempt wrapping the toe with cotton taken in lemon juice and then saran wrap to keep from dripping at night.The Dr G’s didn’t work for us.

Question Question 20

Does It Dry Like Nail Polish?

No it does not. This is in fact an excellent product for cleaning of the nail

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based upon some research work) on Dr. G’s Clear Nail Antifungal Treatment, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We do not typically compose evaluations however we are on our 3rd bottle of this and it’s been numerous months. We have had bad toenail fungus, really thick, brittle and blemished, uncertain toenails, particularly our huge toenails. Well after constant use 2x a day for numerous months now, about 1/2 of the nails are grown out and the back half near the base and cuticle are clear and pink. We have not had regular looking nails in most likely 20 years so we are more than pleased to state the new growth on our nails is beautiful and healthy. Lastly something worked for our unsightly toenails. We have numerous bottles in our stash and will never ever lack this things. We are not typically one to stick with something either however considering that we saw the new healthy growth beginning to come in after the first month, we will never ever miss out on a dosage. We do not understand if it works for everyone, however for us, it has been fantastic. We can’t wait to use shoes this coming summer season without nail polish to conceal our unsightly toenails. We never ever believed we would eliminate this unsightly fungus however we now have 1/2 of each nail beautiful and healthy again.

We purchased this due to the fact that a nail tech throughout a pedicure tore our nail from the nail bed. Later on another nail tech informed us about this product informing us that if we utilized it every early morning and night it would dry that location up enabling the regrowth to reattach our new nail as it grew. It has just been 5 weeks and we are currently seeing enhancement. Thank-you a lot.

Our spouse has had a toenail fungus on his huge toes and he is spiritual about using this product every night prior to bed. It’s had to do with 6 mos. Because we purchased it and his nails have bee growing out clean with no fungus (you can see a delineation in between toenail w/ and w/out fungus). The secret here is to use daily, as it will keep it from continuing to spread out up until your nail( s) grows out entirely. It’s a long-lasting dedication, however if you wish to eliminate your nail fungus, we would state it deserves it.

This product was recommended to us by our manicurist. Problem – nails had white fungwe after eliminating nail polish – yuck. Product – included one drop per toenail and spread with qtip. Keep in mind: this provided best results. Results – see images. First picture wanted 12 hours (so it was in fact even worse). Second image after 24 hours (wowzers). Cons – product is sticky after application so let it dry for an excellent 20 minutes after application, otherwise you get the little black carpet fuzz bits like in the image. Sorry – it earned us out too. Suggest- highly and inform your fungwe buddies:-RRB-.

This product works. We were very doubtful due to the fact that the rate was so low (and there s a disclaimer on the box that states it s not for use on nails); nevertheless, we are happily stunned with the results. We used the product on top of routine nail polish two times every day for about a week. When we eliminated the nail polish to examine our results, we found that the fungus was practically totally gone. Simply a little discoloration was left, however that disappeared with a few more applications. We are really amazed at how well this works.

Needs to use the product for an amount of time, we have been 6 months now and recently seeing an excellent enhancement. Do not get prevented simply keep utilizing it. As the entire new nail grows out then you ought to see results. It takes the nail as an entire, to entirely grow out from the time you first begin utilizing it. After a complete year must be great. The nail needs to entirely grow out from when you first begin utilizing it.

The only thing that has begun nail regrowth for us. We use acrylics on our huge toes due to bungled ingrown nail surgical treatment. One nail turned black and stopped growing. Lastly getting healthy nail growth.

Still utilizing it however we believe it is working. We were utilizing it numerous times a day and bad concept. Made our toe aching. Practically like it burned it. Make certain your nail is dry below prior to using. Was recommended by our nail salon lady.

This product – we do not understand how it works however it does and it works rapidly. We use a little paintbrush to assist produce the thin layer. We fear of how well it deals with our nails – recently require to bear in mind to put it on every day.

This is the best product we have found to assist with the fungus problem that is so simple to agreement. We would highly advise it to all.

Can use while utilizing nail polish.

It work. Our toenails are 100% back after discoloration from fungus we got act a nail store.

Just things on the market that works for nail fungus on fingers or toes.

Cleaned up our discoloration on our huge toe in 2 weeks.

Eliminated infection.


Absolutely nothing remedies toenail fungus entirely however this is assisting. We advise rotating it every other day with fungwe nail solution. The outcome is a differing fungus killer that keeps the the things at bay.

Love everything.

Needed to wait up until our nail grew out to get it out, however specified decreasing our fungus in a few days.


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