Dermisil for Nail Fungus promises to rid the finger and toenails of onychomycosis infections, as well as of paronychia and candida. Like a lot of nail fungus treatment formulas, Dermisil for Nail Fungus is applied topically.

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This treatment is one of the most popular formulas against nail fungus infections, and is probably on the top of the treatment lists of a lot of specialists, physicians, and dermatologists.

Marketed at a price that is a little bit cheaper compared to its other competitors, Dermisil for Nail Fungus claims to completely eliminate nail fungus without using harsh chemicals in its formulation.

The manufacturer of the product asserts that Dermisil for Nail Fungus is an effective and exclusive formula developed from years and years of homeopathic treatment research.

The all-natural formula is one of the main marketing points of Dermisil for Nail Fungus. Dermisil is a popular manufacturer of skin care and treatment items made from different plant-based oils and ingredients.

The company’s wide range of products includes treatments for usual skin afflictions, parasites, and infections, and all are easily available in drugstores and online stores.

But does this product—the Dermisil for Nail Fungus formula—work well on nail fungus like it claims? We did our own testing and research, and we’ve come up with the following information: *What Is Dermisil For Nail Fungus?

Dermisil for Nail Fungus, as the manufacturer claims, is made from pure plant-based ingredients. It is applied topically on the surface of the infected nail.

The formula boasts of a high concentration of alpha terpinene 4-ol and cineol, active ingredients derived from lemongrass (cymbopogon citratus), which is popular in the Southeast Asian region as an ingredient in herbal tea—but used in Dermisil for Nail Fungus for its underrated antibacterial properties.

This exclusive formula also harnesses the anti-fungal properties of other ingredients derived from plant-based sources that promises to alleviate all the symptoms of nail fungus—providing healthy looking nails and improved self-confidence for the user.

What are the benefits of Dermisil for Nail Fungus?

Unlike the other nail fungus treatment products sold in the market today, Dermisil for Nail Fungus boasts of an all-natural formulation, with its main active ingredient derived from lemongrass.

Lemongrass, or cymbopogon citratus, is prevalent in most Southeast Asian countries, where it is used in both cooking and medicine. The leaves are often used in these countries as a herbal tea that relieves stomach problems, but for the Dermisil for Nail Fungus formula, the anti-oxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties of the plant are harnessed to get rid of the nail fungus quickly and permanently.

The lemongrass extract that the formula boasts of also contains myrcene—a natural antibacterial compound found in few plant sources that also acts as a pain reliever to ease the pain experienced by people who suffer from severe nail fungus infections. Myrcene is also a popular ingredient in the perfume industry—you’re sure that your nails won’t smell nasty.

When distilled, lemongrass extract produces hydrosol (or hydrolat), which is basically a pure plant water essence that promotes the preservation of much-needed moisture in the skin surrounding a nail infected with fungus. If dry, the skin is bound to be itchy and irritated, as well as looking unseemly with flaking and peeling.

This 100 percent natural formulation is probably one of the things that set Dermisil for Nail Fungus apart from its chemical-based and more expensive counterparts—the natural antibacterial, antioxidant, and moisturizing properties lead to little or no side effects. Also, unlike its chemical-based competitors, there are no reported incidents of liver and kidney damage in Dermisil for Nail Fungus users.

Physicians and dermatologists definitely recommend using the natural formula of Dermisil for Nail Fungus, though you can easily buy the product over the counter without a prescription. Also, the plants sourced for Dermisil for Nail Fungus are certified to be grown completely without pesticides and appropriate for medical use based on United States standards.

How does Dermisil for Nail Fungus work?

Though applied topically, Dermisil for Nail Fungus begins its treatment on the outside and works its way to destroy the fungal infection internally. The natural and plant-sourced ingredients of this treatment are guaranteed to be lipophilic, which means that the skin can easily absorb the solution immediately after application.

Using a clean cotton ball (or q-tips if the infected area is quite small); apply the solution on the surface of the affected nails. There may be a slight burning sensation upon application but don’t be alarmed—this is a natural reaction of the skin to the formulation of Dermisil for Nail Fungus and won’t cause harm. Make sure that the underside of the nail is applied with the solution as well.

Dermisil for Nail Fungus should be applied three times a day until the fungus is cleared and destroyed. The formula should show visible effects in around two weeks after the first application, but it would be several weeks or months before the fungal infection is completely eliminated. Nail fungus is known as an infection that takes quite a time to be completely healed.

Also, to ensure that the nail fungus is completely gone, you must wait for the finger or toenail to completely grow out before stopping medication. If you stop halfway through the treatment, the fungus will come back.

Customer Feedback and Testimonial

People who used this product have reported that they are satisfied with both the efficacy and price of Dermisil for Nail Fungus. Most of them bought the product because of its certified 100 percent natural ingredients.

However, a few users with perfume allergy have reported an adverse reaction to traces of citronella in the formula. Other than this minor problem, there has been no unpleasant side effect reported.


For those who are looking for an all-natural treatment for their nail fungus problems, Dermisil for Nail Fungus is very effective and a good value for its price.

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