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Causes of Nail Fungus Infections

Fungal infections of nails are caused by organisms that are microscopic and are known as “fungi”. They do not need sunlight to thrive and they proliferate in a moist and warm environment. The group of fungi most responsible for nail infections is classified as dermatophytes. The most common dermatophyte that causes this type of infection is trichphyton rubrum. There are many other fungi and some molds that are also responsible for this condition.

Nail Fungus Causes

Fungus enters the nail bed and causes the nail to turn yellowish and eventually they become painful and itchy. The fungus that characterizes this condition usually thrives in warm and wet environments and finds the perfect habitat below the nails.

The levels of infection and the intensity in which the fungus have affected the nails makes the condition categorized either into mild, standard or severe.

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